We all have seen the pandemic for the last one and a half years, how Covid-19 has created unpredicted health issues. The corers of people have been affected across the world. Today we will talk about the physical and mental conditions of the post-Corona effect (Post Covid-19 Symptoms) and try to understand how we can lead a normal and healthy life.

Post Covid-19 Effects

We talked to many friends and acquaintances around us and during this time we have come across some surprising things/facts about post-Covid symptoms, which show that if a person, came home from the hospital after the recovery from corona or those who got mild and asymptomatic symptoms.

Most of them who got cured through home isolation and online treatment have any post-Covid health issues that are disturbing.

Post Covid-19 Symptoms in Men and Women

  1. After waking up in the morning, they are getting a little sluggish, feel weak, due to which they like to stay in bed.
  2. It is often seen that people are complaining of nervousness, restlessness and sometimes increased heartbeat.
  3. A condition like brain fog is rising in some people. They are finding it a little difficult to concentrate their minds.
  4. Weakness has started to stay a bit more and people have started getting symptoms like dizziness from time to time.
  5. In some people there has been an increase in the amount of stress and depression, due to which they are catching insomnia.
  6. In some cases, blood pressure fluctuation is also being seen and they do not understand what to do. Simultaneously, their pulse rate also becomes higher. This makes them restless and starts to panic.
  7. Complaints of headaches, mental confusion, and frustrating disorders have started coming. In some cases, intestinal problems, migraines, skin problems, heart abnormalities, and sleeping disorders are being seen.
Post Covid-19 Symptoms
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According to the American report……… when a measure was taken off the insurance coverage of two lakh (2lacs) people, it was found that almost 27% of such people who were affected by corona and after one to one and a half months after recovery, they still have the above. Took medical assistance on having symptoms (post-Covid symptoms).

Some people did not even have corona infection, but they saw these symptoms and took their treatment at home through online doctor’s appointments.

Let us have a look at this and how to follow what doctors/health practitioners / Ayurvedacharya advise us to overcome post-Covid problems.

Note: If you had a corona and after that, you are feeling physical weakness and fatigue, then you have to adopt all these measures and remedies after talking to your doctor or health expert. You should avoid self-medication without their advice and you should not stop the medicine for your mind until they tell you.

Do’s and Don’ts for Post-Covid Symptoms

  1. If you start your morning with herbal tea, then it will be very beneficial. Drink sips in which basil, black pepper; lentils, sugar, and turmeric are mixed. After that, you have a healthy breakfast in which there are 2-3 types of fruits like pomegranate, papaya, mango, or kiwi. You can take whichever fruit you like.
  2. A protein-rich diet is most important whether you take it at breakfast or at lunch/dinner. You shall include Rice, Chapati, Dal, Salad, and Curd regularly in your lunch. Those who do not like curd can take buttermilk mixed with roasted cumin powder, black pepper, and salt. This will keep you hydrated and will also strengthen your digestive power.
  3. It has been seen that those who have corona have some digestive/intestinal issues. If you start taking curd/buttermilk your digestive system will improve and energy gets restored.
  4. You must eat healthy foods and fruits. With this, your body will continue to get the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, which will also remove your weakness and fatigue.
  5. You must also take lots of vitamins and an antioxidant richer diet. It has been observed that people are getting a deficiency of Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex, and Zinc along with their iron level after recovering from Corona. So, you have to keep taking multivitamins and micronutrients for the next few weeks so that your health gets normal.
  6. In the night you have to take a light diet and take a cup of turmeric milk before going to bed, which will give you a night of improving sleep and will reduce your stress level, and give quality sleep. Turmeric milk will also give you relief from constipation and will also cure any such inflammation in the body if remains.
  7. You have to take plenty of liquid diets and try to drink warm lime water mixed with some honey one to two times so that your immunity level will get maintained.
  8. To deal with the situation like nervousness and restlessness, you can take medicine after consulting your doctor/health expert, but do not do self-medicate. In such a situation self-medication can lead you to trouble.
  9. If there is a problem like brain fog or mental disturbances, contact the doctors immediately. Meditation can prove to be very helpful for you at such times.

*If you had suffered from Corona, and have recovered now, then you must do light exercises and yoga. Do Pranayama daily and breathing exercises also. If there is any issue while doing Yoga then you must take expert advice on yoga or a health expert.  But make a prime choice for health and fitness to beat the post-Covid-19 symptoms.

  1. In case of stress and lack of sleep, you can do some home remedies like use turmeric milk while sleeping at night. You can take syrup of Brahmi and Shankh Pushpi, it will cool down your brain and also give strength to the neurons. After consulting a health expert, you can take Ayurvedic medicine like Medhavati or any Ayurvedic stress reliever with lukewarm water at bedtime.
  2. This will help you sleep well, relieve stress levels, and gives sound sleep. Remember, after recovering from Covid you need at least 6-7 hours of quality sleep. This will help maintain blood pressure and reduce stress.
  3. If you have problems with excessive restlessness, nervousness, high blood pressure, or irregular heart rate, then contact the doctor immediately and get treated. If you want can meet in person with a prior appointment fix an appointment or prefer online treatment, So that you can protect yourself from the contact of outsiders in this time of Covid.

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