Mamata is desperate and is holding on to imaginary straws in hopes of not facing embarrassing defeat.

The latest stunt by Humpty Dumpty didi is claiming that she was attacked … rather pushed around by a few people and she’s ended up in the hospital with a broken foot.

Maiden Mumtaz in Distress

Images are circulating on social media – most of them are making fun of didi in fake distress. Posts and comments about didi winning an Oscar for her super fake performance are entertaining.

Where was didi’s security?

What was the point of the scooter stunt?

Didi is desperate. The non-rehearsed scooter fiasco got even bigger laughs than the victim drama and photos from the hospital. Didi should fire her PR staff. They should at least have her practice in a non-public area before setting her wild with inept, obese guys who desperately tried to keep up with her scooter shenanigans.

In short, didi is trying to overcome her many shortcomings. Nothing seems to be working. Even the chai she made for folks as a stunt got her ridicule – people said the chai sucked.

Didi in a hospital, disabled. This is the state of her regime in Bengal. Next step: pull the plug on all things bad and start anew.

Jai Shri Ram, didi.

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