India is a country of many diversities. So many religions, languages, food habits, local customs, cultures etc. We boast of such eclectic values and rightly so.

But ironically, what we are proud of has become the bane of our nation. Thousands of years of civilizational values of Hinduism are being ostracised, put through vicious propaganda at national and international level and subjected to aggressive proslytisation.

The brown natives amongst our fold whom we graciously allowed to convert to any religion of their choice, are at the forefront attacking our cultures and traditions. They identify themselves now as Muslims or Christians first before grudgingly accepting their identity as Indians. Not only that, they have an issue with Hindus proudly proclaiming to be Indians and nationalists.

Take a pause and think, what all Hindus have conceded over the years so large-heartedly for such diversities to come into being. The price is being paid by same Hindus whose only fault is they have been magnanimous and liberal in the past and continue to be so till today.

The brown converts seem to be eager to make their white masters happy by displaying obnoxious behaviour to their original religion and its followers. They are more aggressive than white Christians themselves in pursuing proslytisation mission in India. Such is their low self-esteem and slavish mentality that white masters make them feel their lives’ worth by conferring on them glorified titles like pastor, father, reverend etc. They feel precious in the robes of churches.

Everything was fine till they had an easy run in converting the masses by fair means or foul. They support naxalities in the guise of helping poor tribals and mass-convert the poor souls. They get foreign funds to peddle anti-Hindu propaganda and indulge in large scale conversion.

They prefer Congress to be in power to carry on dubious activities without any fear of law. They love Jagmohan reddy for being an enthusiastic convert himself, who has given a free hand to missionaries to carry out proslytisation. Mamata and Kejriwal too are among their favourites, who in the name of minorities are biased against Hindus.

BJP in power is their enemy. They hate Modi more, who is the first prime minister after independence talking about equality of all citizens irrespective of their religions. This precisely is what the bigots, so used to being pampered for so long, can’t countenance. No illegal foreign money is allowed now. They are outraged.

In this context, the vitriolic rant of the devil, pastor George Ponnaiah, is to be seen. He wishes death to PM Modi and HM Amit Shah and dogs and insects to eat their bodies.

This is the level to which they wish harm on Hindus and on our country. Brown converts are more dangerous than their white masters.

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