Hypocrisy of the Statman ship is not unseen. There are umpteen examples. But two classes of people, one ignorant and another cleverly intellectual will never see and acknowledge it.

How is the Economic order now? How is the Global life line i.e economy is performing? And it can be summarized in a few meaningful assembled Words.

Every Week Pakistan Prime minister travels around the Globe with a begging bowl for a few million dollars. And as frequently the US establishment also announces its pathetic status.

Here are some of them.  Least should be told about Pakistan as the country is beyond repair on any of its fronts and would collapse and fulminate very soon.

Some recent utterances by Policy makers of the US on their state of Economy is pitiable. It is as pathetic as the state of affairs of Pakistan’s economy. Have a look at a selected few.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on 10th May- She urged Congress to raise the $31.4 trillion federal debt limit and avert an unprecedented default.

U.S. President Joe Biden on 9th May- He said “US runs the risk of failure if Congress fails to act before the Treasury runs out of money to pay the government’s bills. It is something that could happen as early as June 1.

The two senior-most statesman President of the US and US treasury secretary are seemingly helpless and clueless.

This should further be seen in the backdrop of failure of Silicon Valley Bank with 209 billion $ and Signature bank with 110 billion $ deposit base. What is more shocking and agonising that over 100 Bank medium to small are said to be under deep Asset liability stress.

But the hypocrisy of the financial ​Scholars​ is such a pleasing chapter.

  1. Standard & Poor’s credit rating for the United States stands at AA+ with a stable outlook.
  2. Moody’s credit rating for the United States was last set at Aaa with a stable outlook.
  3. Fitch’s credit rating for the United States was last reported at AAA with a stable outlook.
  4. DBRS’s credit rating for the United States is AAA with a stable outlook.

And you ask for explanation and come retort with a jungle of logic and ream of numbers suggesting nothing yet justifying everything.

The term de- dollarization could be a mere concern during routine debate in the Television studio, but in reality, the failure to address a decaying system and inability to replace a failed intellectual system would surely bring the US at parity with Pakistan one day.



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