The 28th issue of the Voice of Khurasan propaganda magazine published by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), also known as the Islamist State, was made available around August 27. The ISIS media front al-Azaim Foundation is the magazine’s publisher. ISIS expressed hatred towards Hindus in the most recent issue, particularly in light of the Nuh violence that was directed at them during the shobha yatra. In the name of Islam, they demanded that Hindus be killed, their homes, stores, and crops set on fire, and their Hindu god statues destroyed.


In addition, they threatened Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij when the government dismantled illegal buildings in the wake of Nuh riots. ISIS seems furious by the detention of more than 500 Islamists who were allegedly involved in the anti-Hindu rioting in Nuh. Despite the fact that the police have already said that Monu Manesar and Bittu Bajrangi were not the ones who incited the violence, they also accused them of doing so.



ISIS referred the Hindus as cowards in one of the chapters headed “Bring Back The Golden Ages of Crashing Idols” and said they were powerless to drive off Muslim invaders; rather, it was only after the British arrived in the region that Muslim control began to wane. The headline of the piece declared, “The humiliation is the ultimate fate of the polytheists,” implying that persons who revere numerous deities should be treated with contempt. The paper boasted about what invaders did to Somnath Temple and other Hindu temples, and it stated Britishers were only able to repress Islamic control “due to the treachery of some imposters in the ranks of the Muslims.”



The article alleged that “innocent” Muslims were being victimized and persecuted by India and Hindus. Hindus were singled out by the magazine’s propagandist author for waging a judicial struggle to reclaim the disputed Gyanvapi monument. The article explained how the process of occupying the contentious edifice at Ayodhya began and stated that “Hindu polytheistic snakes are now gaining courage and raising their heads against Islam and Muslims in India and all over the world.” In the article, “Jihad” against Hindus was also urged. If Muslims in India don’t join the call to jihad against these cowardly cow-worshiping Hindu filths, there is no way out of their misery and humiliation, it stated.



ISIS demanded that Hindus be burned alive.

ISIS attacked Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij in the next chapter, “Ibadaah of Bloodshed: the Ultimate Treatment of Hindus in This Worldy Life,” and accused him of permitting Hindu procession “armed with swords, knives, and guns” through “Muslim majority areas” in Nuh. A few days prior to the parade, they also charged Monu Manesar and Bittu Bajrangi with instigating violence through social media videos.


ISIS referred to police officers as “dogs” for breaking into Muslim homes and detaining people while also accusing Hindus of killing an Imam and destroying 500 Muslim homes. Police officers were charged with “misbehaving” with Muslim girls and women. Additionally, they charged that the Indian Supreme Court did nothing to prevent Hindu Yatras from traveling through ostensibly Muslim districts.



ISIS vowed to kill Hindus by calling Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal activists “pigs”. The post stated, “We will exact retribution for all of your wrongdoing and oppression In Sha Allah, and very soon we will let you taste your medicine as a lesson for your future generations.” ISIS urged the Indian Islamists to exact revenge on Hindus by “burning Hindus alive, burning their homes, markets, and crops” to the ground. “Kill them in their street, crush them with vehicles, poison their water tanks, and throw snakes in their processions,” they further demanded.

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