Well, by now, some of you might have seen my response to the disgusting and misleading tweet made by Sagarika, who said that “Ram Mandir is being built after a criminal act and removal of article 370 was humiliation to Kashmiris”. I could not take it anymore. My response that – ‘if a rogue entered her home, demolished her house, killed her husband Rajdeep, and made her the head prostitute (I was not this polite and did not want to be with her!), would she want her son to still suck up to those rogues’ – immediately caught attention of people. My followers went up from 600 to 2100 in just a couple of days. Most messaged to thank me for standing up against a vile woman. Some were happy that a ‘Christian’ woman raised her voice. Some others were advising me to be more polite. One guy called me from US and invited me to share my story and here I am.

My Hindu Dad had converted to marry my mom sometime in 1978, simply because if they were to have kids than those kids had to go to a convent school. That would happen only if both parents are Christians or if you were rich enough to pay hefty cash donations. My parents were not that rich and my father stayed atheist even after converting. Growing up, I did not care about what religion my friends or neighbors followed. We would celebrate Deepavali for its crackers, Ramadan for the Biryani and Christmas for the goodies. After turning 18, I was told to vote for Congress and I obliged the elders and thus I became a Congressi. As I grew up, I started hating NAMO because dimpled RAGA was ‘cool’ per the media yardsticks and Modi was the demon. The 2009 Mangalore Pub attacks, blamed on Hindu Muthalik made matters worse. Yes, I even supported the Pink Chaddi Campaign (11 years later, he along with 24 others were acquitted by the court for this). I didn’t see any channel apologizing for their falsehood then. I, for one, had full trust on our Judiciary, Army and Police – for me, they couldn’t go wrong – ever!

Cut to 2013, the 10 years of Maun-vrat PM and the scams under him really changed something in me and I was looking at who should I vote for in the next elections? Once I was able to digest the fact that it was Modi who was chosen as the BJP candidate – I actually spent days, weeks and months researching about him. I saw videos after videos on YouTube and read so many articles on him that my husband once commented ‘I don’t think even I got this much attention from you’ LOL. By Feb-2014 I had made up my mind that I would vote for Modi, and then the media announced that Muthalik would fight on a BJP ticket – that ticked me off and I chose to vote for AAP (Kejriwal) and fell for his false promises.

By then, I was very interested in politics (thanks to social media) and watched every interview, speech or debate on NaMo. In 2019, I convinced my immediate family and a few close friends (all staunch Congress supporters) to vote for Modi – all I did was tell them all the good work that was happening and by giving them data on the number of riots and bombings that was NIL compared to the previous years. What I loved most about Modi 2.0 is the speed in which things are getting done – be it getting rid of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir or working towards the Ram Mandir verdict to countless others. What I admire about the Ram Mandir case is, majority of my Hindu brothers and sisters didn’t lose patience and pick up swords or guns (except a few in 1992 and I feel that was politically motivated since Congress tried to stall the hearings in the Supreme Court). The Hindus truly lived by our constitution and believed in our judiciary. Last year, when the Supreme Court finally gave its verdict, the majority of Muslims accepted the verdict with open arms since they too wanted closure. The archaeologist, KK Mohammad who proved that there indeed was a temple under the Babri mosque is a Muslim. Except a few radicals such as Owaisi and Company, who want to keep this issue alive, society at large is at peace.

To me these Presstitutes and Commies are worse than jihadis and enemies across the border because our army can eliminate them if they try to attack. However, these people are like cancer eating my beautiful motherland from the inside.

From the time it was announced that NaMo will attend the Bhoomi Poojan, Radicals such as Owaisi and media hate mongers like Raveesh, Rajdeep, etc. tried to destroy the pious moment Hindus have been waiting for, last 500 years.

I question the Jihadi radicals in politics and in media – why are you so proud of Babur or the Mughals? They were as and probably more radicalized than those in Syria. They came to Bharat, killed your ancestors (the men), raped the women, converted them and kept them in Harems – is this something to be proud of? Are you proud to be of this lineage? Snap those ties if you have any self-respect. Embrace the land that feeds you, clothes you and protects you.

Hinduism is the most liberal and secular religion there is. They are open to self-corrections. Sati is gone. So has untouchability. If Modi or BJP wanted the Muslims or Christians out of India, we would have been out of here already and there could be nothing that would stop them but it seems hate has no reasoning. That is what I stand for. Reason and defeat me in arguments. If you cannot, then shut up, listen and agree you are wrong and have been wronged by Congress, Left, AAP and countless others. Be a Bhartiya. Jai Hind and Jai Shri Ram.

Gloria Joseph

Member of Hindustani Christian Group

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