It would be absolutely correct to say “If “Betraying” is an Art, then Hamid Ansari is the “Picasso” of it.Hamid Ansari attended an event which was co-hosted by an organisation which lobbied to get India Black listed.

Former Vice President and Congress leader Hamid Ansari as well as flop actress Swara Bhasker went up to attend an event which was co-hosted by Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC). Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) is an anti-India, anti Hindu and an Islamist organization. In 2021, 30 US organisations issued a joint resolution & urged the Biden administration to sanction India. One of them was Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) which lobbied and paid money to get India Black listed.

The event was being hosted by 17 US-based rights organizations like Amnesty International (USA), Genocide Watch, Hindus for Human Rights, and Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) among others on 26th of January. The title of the event was, ‘Protecting India’s Pluralist Constitution’ where Hamid Ansari spew venom against Bharat. He was heard saying, “Cultural nationalism seeks to present electoral majority in the guise of a religious majority, monopolise political power. It wants to distinguish citizens on the basis of faith, give vent to intolerance and provide disquiet. Some of its recent manifestations are chilling”. He called India run by Religious Majority Party which promotes hate, discord, insecurity over rule of law.

Former VP Hamid Ansari rose to a position of privilege in India and everyone welcomed him and his success. Yet today he berates India on a international platform. BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi lashed out at Hamid Ansari on his controversial remarks. He said ‘The rush to bash Modi is turning into India bashing; they don’t miss an opportunity to malign the image of India; that’s why they are getting isolated’.

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