Ignored Students – By Mridul Tiwari

In the present scenario, the opinion of a particular class affected by the Corona epidemic is constantly being ignored. Yes, students are feeling neglected. It is a different matter that national media and newspapers will not let you realize this.

How would you feel if someone takes important decisions related to your life but without giving importance to your thoughts. The students feel the same. For example, take up the disputed topic of general promotion. Student organizations have linked it to their very existence, and are behaving as if their stated path is the only appropriate path. One is completely favouring this, other state it the worst. But the route is between these two and I will share my thoughts.
State Governments look after the circumstances of the state as per their own, which is also appropriate. They have to handle law and order. But all higher education institutions are under the University Grants Commission (UGC). Therefore, it is also necessary to follow the UGC guidelines.

General promotion was announced by many State Governments earlier and the path was paved as per the guidelines set earlier by the UGC. But here too, a special class of students remained neglected. Neither the State Governments nor the Central Government is clearing the doubt by issuing any special order whether professional students will get promotion or not. Many professional universities are of the opinion that they will take decisions according to national inclination and will not implement the general promotion given by the State Governments. And everyone is silent on who will decide the national inclination. According to the recently published UGC guidelines, permission has been given to conduct the examinations and it has been decided to make the final year / semester examinations compulsory by the end of September. It is still not clear for professional courses whether the intermediate year / semester students will get general promotion or not.

The functioning of the UGC also raises further questions. It is known to all that the sessions of all universities do not run in same timeline. Then why the guidelines were not published by UGC on the delayed sessions. Recalled from universities, their quick decisions are so amazing that ordinary human beings become suspicious of the deliberations in that decision process. Many universities published examination timetables several times 3-4 days after the last day of various stages of lockdown and then canceled them 1-2 days before. The students had to deal with various problems, and this trend is still going on. Even now many universities are feeling ecstatic in publishing August time table. Conditions are still as sensitive as they were when the school and college were closed.

If a student believes that his life is in danger by going out and giving the exam, is there any importance of this opinion? Whether or not the death rate is low in India, it will not change the opinion of the student because, for the family in which death occurs, the death rate is 100%.

The UGC has also decided that, for students who are not able to take the exams, the examinations will be organized for them separately. So whether the student who is not able to take the exam now will not get graduation / postgraduate degree or will be denied online class for the upcoming session? Both decision are not in the interest of the students. Then what is the reason behind the agility of conducting examinations?

My opinion: – As per UGC guidelines, students of intermediate year / semester must be given general promotion, there is an upcoming session to check their academic abilities. Final year students should be given degrees by giving provisional promotions, and students who want to improve their marks, be given the opportunity to show their academic abilities when the circumstances are favorable. And most important, ask students for their opinion, otherwise the student will feel neglected.

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