1. Ask your hotel to book your taxi for you
    Still, ask your hostel to bespeak a lift for you rather than stepping out into the road and hailing a hack, If you have a late-night or early morning flight. Numerous hospices can also help with reserving a hack to pick you up from the field when you arrive. This is especially useful if you’re visiting a new place/ country, or if you know you’ll be arriving tired and spurt- lagged with only half of your brain working!
  2. Check and Save Exigency Connections
  3. One of my top hack safety tips for solo womanish trippers is to save exigency connections in your phone before leaving home
    Quaint hack in the road in London at night.
    An essential part of your trip planning is to check and save exigency figures for the country or countries you’ll be visiting – especially for the police. Hopefully, you’ll no way need to use them. It’s also wise to have a list of trusted connections saved as exigency connections on your phone, in case you need them, or if you’re in an accident and the exigency services need to reach your nearest and dearest. Then’s a useful step-by-step companion for how to set up exigency connections in your phone that can be penetrated without having to unleash the screen.
  4. Consider GPS Tracking
    British solo womanish tramper, Esther Dingley (37), lost her life doing what she loved – hiking in the Spanish Pyrenees. While her death is believed to have been an accident, the agony was dragged for her favored bones, as it took nearly ten months for her body to be discovered. One of the stylish ways to stay safe is to continually let your loved ones know where you are and to enable them to check up on you too. You may want to consider enabling GPS shadowing for this redundant security. You don’t need an internet connection and it’s easy to do. Check out this companion on how to set up GPS shadowing.
  5. Only Use Licensed Taxis
    Only ever use a sanctioned licensed hack. This is a veritably important trip safety. tip One of the most important hack safety tips is to check whether your hack is a fairly registered rideshare service or a sanctioned hack and to make sure you know what sanctioned hacks are in the area look like.
    Utmost hacks staying for fares at the field are sanctioned hacks, as they need a license to operate within the field. Away there are also unofficial hacks – especially in metropolises. When I worked in London, I’ll admit that occasionally I used these unlicensed hacks. Several times, although we agreed on the price outspoken, the motorist demanded further plutocrat during the trip, claiming the avail was further than anticipated!
    .I decided noway to be allured in again with the pledge of a cheaper chow after one intimidating night when my hack’s wheel came off as we were barrelling down the motorway at 70mph. The motorist swerved to a halt just as we hit the motorway hedge, also he scarpered like a ghost into the night, abandoning me and my womanish coworker to the freezing November mizzle. I felt so vulnerable standing on that windswept motorway ground at 3 am, with massive lorries effervescing past only bases down from me. But it could have been worse, especially if I had been traveling solo.
    The police officer who attended the scene said we’d been seconds down from crashing through the hedge and plunging into the notch below. He also said the vehicle was an untaxed death- trap, and that the motorist had presumably fled because he was uninsured. OMG!
  6. Don’t Flash the Cash
    While it’s now possible to pay digitally for hacks, there are still numerous places where cash is still king. You need to be prepared for this. As part of your trip planning, check whether you’ll need to pay with cash for hack fares. Still, make sure you have a mixed force of original currency, with a plenitude of small notes, If cash is the norm. Consider stopping for a moment in the field to buy goo or a bottle of water, so you can break up any large notes.

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