The power and agility of a mind depend on its freedom. An unchained mind is the best one for courageous endeavors into the world and knows no barriers. In that sense, it is a well-known fact that art, and especially, painting has the ability to set the spirit and mind free from the mundane limits of the world. Imagination is the fuel on which the vehicle of art remains moving. Every stroke, every color, every theme of the painting is nothing but the very depiction of the mind of the artist.

Much like every other form of art, painting, too, is capable of making the unspoken words and emotions evident on the canvas. Even the cave paintings of ancient times proclaim the ability of paintings to be of much help for expressing the unspoken emotions. According to the greatest artists of all times, art allows a mind to reveal its inner emotions without being concerned about how the real world would perceive the expressions.

We best English medium school in Jodhpur, Vidhyashram International School believes that painting holds the key to opening up the mind and making it capable of expressing its vibes through shades and hues. In this article, you will get to know how painting can help your little ones to come out of their shell and stand confident amidst all, vocalizing the depths of emotions without any fear of judgment.

“A picture is a poem without words.” — Horace

Painting Takes the Mind Beyond the Defined

In the world of painting and art, definitions are never set within boundaries, and the horizons of artistic endeavors always remain wide and open. A child can imagine the sky to be pink and the grass to be blue and can paint accordingly without feeling compelled to think like others. Art extends beyond the perceived world and the defined attributes. When drawing a picture, a child mixes up the imagination along with the observations to recreate reality on its own terms.

Hence, a picture does not have to be conventionally correct, but a reflection of the mind of the child. If you see, all kids enjoy painting to the core as they pour out their emotions, expressions, and ideas on paper using pencils and crayons minus any fear of justifying the widely accepted terms of society. Children learn to express unconditionally through the painting, which is a cornerstone for growing up into a self-dependent person of strong, logical opinion.

Aids in Gross Motor Skill Development

Besides boosting the mind to feel free and act independently, painting also helps in enhancing the motor skills of children. Drawing requires simultaneous movement of the arm, hands, fingers,etc. which enhances the motor skills inevitably. Also, eye-hand coordination increases when a child attempts to paint, which makes the mind agiler, more reconciling, and integrates sensory activities.

Painting Liberates the Mind

According to the phenomenal artist, Pablo Picasso, every child is born an artist. Your little one can surely have the spark of painting only if you could be supportive enough to encourage the child to carry on drawing without bothering about being perfect. It is never the shapes, the colors, the figures that define the spirit of painting, but the choice of colors, selection of subject, and inclusion of figures that hold up the entire imagery of the mind. Painting helps liberate the mind and enables the transformation of the young buds into more sensitive individuals who are empathetic to the surrounding and capable of thinking unconventionally.

Being one of the best top schools in Jodhpur, Vidhyashram International School believes that painting is one form of art that is extremely effective in teaching the kids about self-expression. It enables the kids to find their unique world through their drawing sessions. In fact, painting is probably the most potent of all art forms when it comes to liberating the mind and making it free from any restraints. Hence, next time you see your kids with those colors and paintbrushes, don’t ask them to stop it right away. Rather, encourage them to paint more as it will help them portray their true expressions on the canvas and learn to be more expressive in the process.

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