An year ago, ISIS propaganda mouthpiece and magazine went on to publish the Shiva Statue in a beheaded form with its ISIS flag unfurling at the top of Bhagwan Shiva Statue. The orignal statue of Bhagawan Shiva is located at Murdeshwara in Karnataka. It gave a message “to destroy the false gods” and to unleash a war against non muslims who are kaffirs according to Islam. Making the dream of ISIS succed or to crush their anti-hindu dream lies in the hands of Kannadigas who will stand in the line to vote in the Karnataka Assembly Elections.

The Kannadigas before voting should also remember previous year when the hijab controversy gained momentum in the first week of January after eight Muslim girls were denied entry to classes in a Udupi college because they were wearing a veil. Muslims girls came up in the streets demanding for hijab to be allowed in school and college campuses. On 15th of March, Karnataka High Court came up with a verdict to uphold ban on hijab in educational institutions.The bench concluded, “We are of the opinion that Government has power to issue GO, we are of the the opinion no case is made out to initiate disciplinary enquiry against college authorities. All writ petitions are dismissed.”

A special bench of Karnataka High Court pronounced it’s judgement and upholded the rights of educational institutions to decide on the school uniform. The special bench had heard the case for a total of 11 days while Justice Krishna S Dixit as a single judge heard it for two days. On 10th February 2022, Justice Krishna Dixit had placed the case before a larger bench for hearing the hijab controversy case.

The special bench while dismissing the petitions of the girls demanding for hijab in educational institutions made an important observation. It said “Hijab is not essential religious practice of Islam. The bench primarily framed four questions, (a) Whether Hijab is an essential religious practice protected under Article 25, (b) Whether school uniform is not legally permissible, (c) Whether the government order of February 5 was issued without application of mind and was arbitrary, and (d) Is any case made out to initiate disciplinary inquiry against college.

The Kannadigas before voting should also remember the face of Harsha who made supreme sacrifice for Hindus. On 20th of February, a Bajrang Dal activist Harsha was stabbed to death near Kamat petrol bunk in the Shivamogaa district of Karnataka. He was a tailor by occupation and hailed from Seegehatti. Harsha was a member of the Hindu organisation, Bajrang Dal, and was seen sporting saffron shawls to demand uniformity in the dress code of schools and colleges.The Hindu activist was rushed to Mc Gann district hospital, where he succumbed to his stab injuries. A probe has been launched into the case. During the investigation, it came to light that the victim had received threats prior to his brutal killing. Fatwas was also given against Harsha and threats of physical harm was also given to him on 31st December 2015.


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