🇬🇧 vs. 🇮🇳


Like any colonial ideology such as 🇬🇧 British Empire elementary maths, the important part is forcing young people to repeat colonial lies.

That is what gives colonists power. Once the younger generation believed the lies of British Empire maths, it became complicit in them, so subsequent generations became less likely to see the lies.

People in Boston New England (now 🇺🇸 USA) initially tried to object to the writings of the British Empire maths ideas.

Some even bravely tried to object to British Empire maths ideas within England!

Yet, anyone who went against the maths propaganda spread by the British were howled down, mocked and ridiculed.

Nobody today knows anything about this.

Yet the symptoms of oppression remain. The maths anxiety remains. The fear of K-8 level mathematics remains.

Mathematics education professors have only ever sought to treat the symptoms.

Nearly all the treatments from these so-called ‘Doctors of Mathematics Education’ are useless. Some, like growth mindsets or mindset maths are laughably lame and off-topic.

🛑 STOP! 🛑
Enough of treating the symptoms of maths anxiety, fear and failure.

The root cause of failure to understand basic maths is its British Empire’s definitions, algorithms and arbitrary axioms.

Let that sink in.

The British Empire infected the maths of its colonies and settlements with broken definitions and algorithms.

Because of these broken ideas, maths educators invented laws and rules that children had to memorise to force numerical answers to be correct.

There hasn’t been any core intuitive or even empirical understanding of K-8 level maths for the past 500 years of British maths education.

Children have been canaries in a coal mine, gasping for maths meaning and understanding.

Yet rather than pay attention to the children running away from maths education, British elites and subsequent education cronies blame the children and parents.


I hope that was clear enough. The only way forward to fix this insidious and previously unreported maths education pandemic is to embrace the long lost maths foundations of 7th C. Bharat (India).

Doctors of maths education following Britain’s ideas have been gaslighting us for generations.

They are perpetuating ideas that make kids sick of maths with symptoms of anxiety and fear.

We need a maths education rebellion and if it is to be, it’s up to me!

Don’t look away.

Don’t move on to a lame boring post!

Watch 500 YEARS OF BROKEN BRITISH MATHS now, before it’s too late! ⬇️

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