What most of the Indians (have been given to) know is that India’s Partition and Independence happened on August 15, 1947. Millions suffered.  Millions were slaughtered. Millions lost their homes, hearth and dignity. Millions of migrants fell behind in life by at least a generation. Indians celebrate with great fervor, year after year, 15th August as the Independence day of India.

Then how do these dots connect?

The Form of Affirmation of Allegiance and the Form of Affirmation of Office, dated September 2, 1946, as below:

Father of the Nation: M KGandhi was pronounced ‘Father of the Nation’ by Sarojini Naidu during Asian Relations Conference in New Delhi, 28th March – April 2, 1947.

Connecting these dots may raise some very discomforting questions!

Nehru presented his ‘humble’ duty to His Majesty on April 28, 1948.

Interim government was formed on September 2, 1946.

Nehru signed allegiance to His Majesty and affirmed to serve Sovereign, King George the Sixth, on September 2, 1946.

Gandhi was pronounced Father of the Nation during March 28- April 2, 1947.

Then how come, millions waited till August 15th to be butchered.

It seems there was inadequate information shared, particularly in the rural areas.

Does it then not amount to holding material information and putting millions in the harm’s way? Should someone be brought to justice?

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