Islamists are trying hard to bring Garba out of Hindu fold. Many claim that Garba is not a religious dance but a Gujarati cultural dance but the same ones who claim this reject the idea of organising Garba in their religious places. This is not first time such attempts are being to dismantle the faith of Hindus. Similar attempts were also made for Hindu festival Onam, Deepawali and Yoga.

This time Aurangzeb lover Arfa Khanum too joined this idiotic campaign. As expected by wearing the garb of Secularism and showing herself as the flag bearer of Hindu- Muslim brotherhood, she wrote “Hindutva Fascists are mocking, discouraging, threatening and even beating up Muslims who are/want to participate in celebrations of Hindu festivals.
They are destroying the last bit of whatever has remained of India and its composite culture”. But she forgot that she is a proponent of monotheism and Garba being a associated with Sanatan Dharma and therefore is a majoritarian dance. Once Arfa Khanum was asked whether “Bharat Mata ki Jai is a communal slogan”. In the reply she said ” Yes Bharat Mata ki Jai’ is communal. Because it forces a certain mythological idea of motherland being a Devi, a deity. This may suit your faith and religious philosophy but not people who believe in monotheism-One God. It is clearly a majoritarian slogan. ” So why is Arfa forgetting her roots of monotheism ?

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