Is Modi really a Super spreader of the Chinese Virus in India. How left ecosystem blames only PM Modi rallies in West Bengal for 2nd Wave of Corona Virus. Is that really true? People will say, yes Modi rallies do gather lots of people and violates Covid norms but blaming only Modi, let’s find out

We witness an increase of Coronavirus cases from mid-April to mid-May which we called as 2nd wave in our country. Left Ecosystem narrates the whole blame on PM Modi, BJP rallies, and Kumbh Mela for the urge in cases but they deliberately hide some of the facts. They hide TMC and Congress public meetings in West Bengal in which large numbers of people gather and violate Covid Norms. In West Bengal, they even continue to do public meetings even after claiming that they will not to gatherings due to an increase in covid cases. In Fact, BJP was the only party that stops public gatherings and even stop their election campaign but the left ecosystem hides these facts and spreads misinformation to the public.

Left Ecosystem also hides public gatherings of Rahul Gandhi in Kerala and different parties’ public meetings in the Tamilnadu election. They also hide Public meeting a so-called rally of ” Sar Tan Se Juda” in which religious groups gathers in large amount to threat Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati on his remarks. They quietly also hide ongoing “Farmers Protest” in Delhi NCR area in which public gatherings were continued till now even after lockdown declares in respective states. A large amount of people in the protest travels continuously to their homes and keep on coming again and again to the protest site.

How left ecosystem hides all these points and builds a narrative against only PM Modi and BJP rallies in West Bengal for an increase in Corona cases throughout the country.

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