Just on the heels of the dastardly murder of Hindu activist Rinku Sharma by a murderous Muslim mob, in Mongolpuri, Delhi, on Saturday, another violent and abusive Muslim mob attacked an entire basti of Hindu Dalits at Sarai Kale Khan in Delhi to punish the basti for not preventing the marriage of a Muslim girl to a resident Hindu Dalit boy.

A CCTV footage of the incident barbaric violent attack by Islamist mob on the Dalit basti at Sarai Kale Khan was shared by journalist Rahul Upadhyay on social media.


The rioting mob entered the Dalit basti and attacked the locality with sticks and swords. The basti women told that the mob destroyed their homes dragged men and women out of their homes, beat them up with sticks severely. The Islamist mob also sexually abused many young girls in the basti on the late Saturday night attack.

The mob was infuriated after a Muslim girl married a young man from the Dalit community exercising her choice and free will. The residents of the basti said they married secretly recently, but when the Muslim girl’s family tried to marry her off forcibly with a Muslim man, she decided to come out in open and went to live with her Dalit Hindu husband at the basti in Sarai Kale Khan.

The Muslim girl had gone to the local police station to record her statement of marrying the Dalit young man out of love for him by exercising her free will. The Dalit Hindu young man and the Muslim girl left the basti to live with some of their other relatives elsewhere for safety. On becoming aware of the fact that the girl has left her home to live with her Hindu husband, the Islamist mob attacked the Dalit locality.

The basti residents can be seen in a video put in the social media of the affected Dalit basti at Sarai Kale Khan, that they were warned and intimidated by a local influential Muslim goonda and his daughter, a 40 year old woman named Sabina, that there would be “Khoon Ki Holi” ( roughly translated as ‘Blood would flow like river’) if they do not prevent the marriage between the young Dalit boy and the Muslim girl. These facts were verified by the veteran journalist Swati Goel and Dalit activist Sanjeev Newar on their visit to the basti.


The incident was also reported by Jagran and the people in the basti feel unsafe as they complained that Delhi Police was not giving them enough security nor taking adequate action on the Islamist goondas.

The women of the basti said we are worried about the safety of their young daughters, as the Muslim mob and the goonda woman Sabina threatened them saying, that we would not spare your daughters now as your boy has married one of us.

The Jagran claims that the police has made 5 arrests in the matter, but the residents of the basti were clearly unsatisfied with the police action and lack of adequate security in the basti.

Just as brutal murder of Hindu activist Rinku Sharma was not covered in the media truthfully, there is a complete silence on this murderous attack by Muslim mob on Dalit Hindu basti, where a whole basti of Hindu Dalits are facing the ire of Islamist jihadi mob because a Muslim girl married one of their young men.

Where is the Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb and outrage industry gang who claim Muslims are attacked and repressed in India? Where is the Bheem Army leader Chandrashekar Ravan, who claims to fight for Dalit causes and rights? It is quite clear that be it the outrage industry gang or the so-called Dalit rights activists, all are putty at the hands of the Islamist extremists and working towards Ghazwa-e-Hind in an concerted manner.

Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister is always in a deep slumber, or perhaps tacitly aiding the attacks on Hindus with his complete silence on the latest incident in Sarai Kale Khan and Rinku Sharma’s murder.

Is the Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal now completely taken over by Islamist mafia in his party like, Amanutullah Khan, Tahir Hussains etc?


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