The recent episode of Arnab’s arrest and the response on Twitter has amused me up to an extent of astonishment. The people have vented out their anger on the BJP without having a proper understanding of how the judiciary functions, and up to what extent the Center can interfere in the state’s affair, especially for one person. Undoubtedly, Maharashtra is under chaos, law and order have forgotten their real purpose of existence and are desperately trying to please their current masters, forgetting that in democracy Masters change every five years but public servants are permanent.

Anyways I am not going to discuss how one man was hunt down by the state as his hunt still continues and his case is still pending in Honourable High Court, (please read Honorable under inverted commas), I am here to discuss the reaction of netizens who were active on Twitter, going all out for BJP.I have divided them in three categories.

a) The innocents

b) The Hyenas

c) The Serpent under the grass.

a) The innocents: They were really concerned about the safety of Arnab and since they have high expectations from BJP, especially from Modi ji and Amit Shah, so they lashed out their anger actually believing that blackmailing them for Votes will force the Center to move quickly. Remember we have recently been united and we will face trust issues more often. But this phase will pass soon.

b) The Snake in the Grass: They were never ours, such breeds are under the garb of right-wingers, Sanatani or Hindu activist, waiting for the right moment to divide the core right winger sowing doubts and mistrust in the minds of BJP’s core voters. They can be easily identified by visiting their timeline. They will sound ultra-nationalist while criticizing the BJP government but cracks mild jokes on the opposition.

c) The Hyenas: Dear Pakistani friends, your presence stinks from miles away. Next time try not to write”Mudi” or “Endia”, for the last time its Modi and its India. Stop mixing your Punjabi in your colonial English. Get a life. The people funded by ISI and are spread around the globe, under the name of a Hindu, they will inject the narrative by tagging eminent personalities and they seem genuinely concerned, but we know you, some of the accounts are certified hypocrites others have unrealistically less number of followers.

Having said this I am also deeply disturbed by the attitude of the real Right-wingers and loyal followers of BJP. Very few of them bothered to give explanations and left the “innocent” hanging in the middle of doubt. They either shied away from entire Arnab’s episode or have abandoned some questioning BJP by certifying them, fake nationalist. If we are here to strengthen the RW ecosystem we should stop trying to mock the genuine concerns of our people. Many people on Twitter do not share the same amount of intelligence or emotional strength, we need to carry them on our back like soldiers who do not leave their injured brothers on the battlefield. We must remember at the end of the day it’s the vote that will help BJP stay in the center so we must act responsibly and try not to shoo them away, rather win their confidence and ask them to hang in there with us.

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