We must give credit to Sonia Sena and Pawar for doing one better than Indira Gandhi. They have orchestrated ‘Emergency-Part 2’ in the rogue state of Maharashtra but this time with a “Committed Judiciary.” This is no mean feat because Indira Gandhi could not manage this during ‘Emergency-Part 1’ despite trying hard for it. Emergency is more deadly and oppressive with a committed judiciary.

Our lordships deliberately sat on Arnab’s case for 5 days, knowing full well that Supreme court couldn’t intervene in this period. And after all those days hearing a fake case, they sent case back to the sessions court. You see, our lordships love Arnab so much that they wanted to keep him around for as along as possible. There are 3.3 crore cases pending in our courts but our lordships took all the time in the world to deliberate on this planted case. It would appear, that Arnab’s diehard fans in the UT government, directed them to keep him in prison because Arnab also has a massive fan following among Dawood’s henchmen lodged in Taloja prison. Our soft natured lordships were ready to oblige fans by any means possible. Also, a kind hearted CJM has allowed Arnab’s police interrogation in prison. Next thing I am waiting to hear is that a lordship will allow for a noose to be provided in Arnab’s prison cell so he can comfortably hang himself. Minister Nawab Malik admitted that the state machinery is pushing Arnab to a point where he has no option but to kill himself. In the meantime, UT government has given our lordships an allowance of ₹50,000 to buy specs. A kind gesture towards our hardworking lordships so they can buy designer goggles on their well earned luscious trips abroad. Also note that our hardworking lordships only works 210 days in a year whereas you and I have to work on average 252 days and the poor man in the street works 365 days.

This is the same cabal who couldn’t muster courage to direct governments to demolish Dawood’s buildings in Mumbai. They were not able to provide relief to Kangana when her house was demolished by sonia sena goons under the garb of BMC notice. Her compensation plea is still gathering dust at some honourable lordship’s desk. But you have to understand our lordships are so kind hearted that when they learnt that Kangna’s office didn’t have proper ventilation they ordered BMC to fix this. Sena social worker Sanjay Raut was only too wiling to oblige.

Some of our lordships reserve their kindness towards protecting human rights of the endangered species like: Leftists, Urban naxals and Jihadis. They didn’t bat an eyelid while opening court for a dreaded terrorist Yaqoob Menon at 2.30 AM in the middle of the night. However, they couldn’t pass order after 6PM in case of Arnab. What we don’t realise is that our lordships are modern day Dharmraj Yudhishthira and as per Mahabharat rules they were not allowed to use their weapons i.e. pens after sunset. We can’t blame our lordships for adopting Yudhishthira as their role model.

Compare this to when Teesta Setalvad was granted bail over the phone. Way past expiry date journalists like Vinod Dua were given instant relief by an over accommodating lordship. Numerous other example of judicial activism to protect and provide instant relief to the Tukde Tukde gang stalwarts like ‘The Wire’ owner Siddharth Varadarajan, his wife Nandini Sundar, Kanhaiya, Omar Khalid, Safoora Zargar, galibaaz kannaujia and many more. I wish Arnab was female and could prove kudrati pregnancy like Safoora Zargar; at least he would have improved chances of getting bail.

Lordships can’t see what even a blind man can see; if only they used their spectacle allowance to buy prescription glasses! It’s obvious even to Ravish Kumar that all cases against Arnab are fake, mala fide and shouldn’t stand 5 mins in ‘serious’ courts. He is taken away in police vans with windows covered, something we didn’t even see when Ajmal Kasab was transported back and forth from courts. A Bihar IPS office was quarantined in Mumbai for 14 days but Arnab was taken out of quarantine centre only after 2 days to be lodged alongside Dawood aides. FIR registered against Arnab and his 1000 journalists. I think Sonia Sena has done it to get into Guinness book of record for being the most oppressive regime even before Erdogan of Turkey. A worthy honour for Maharashtra, won’t you agree? His editorial team has been questioned for combined total of 3000 hours. His employees are taken to courts with the heads covered in black cloth. Our naïve lordships at Mumbai high court were not able to see through that. You can’t blame them. You see, they are so busy opening courts all night and day to grant bails to terrorists that they don’t get time to watch TV. If anything there’s a case for UT govt to provide them with allowance so they can purchase flat screen TV sets.

Lordships have overplayed their role this time. As long as the commitment to politicians was hidden from the scrutiny, the ‘Blind Lady’ charade was able to go on for decades. Arnab’s case has ended this charade. In the age of social media and instant uncensored news, people around the globe are clearly able to see lordship’s dirty linen out in open. This is a watershed moment that will destroy even a semblance of impartial judiciary in the courts of the masses. This damage to lordships’ reputation is going to be irreversible. Let’s see what supreme court can do to arrest this.

Otherwise, we will be right in our assumption that the blind lady was ‘pretending’ to be blind but was able to see and pick sides all along…

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