Why Christian Imperialism was relatively more successful than Islamic Invasion? What made the real big difference in favour of the new adversaries was the modern Western scholarship which they mobilized for manipulating Hindu minds.

In particular, they chose for a concentrated attack the two Hindu institutions which had been the mainstay of Hindu strength down the ages-the Brāhmaṇas who were the teachers of the Hindus and the custodians of Hindu Dharma, and the decentralised Hindu social organization which had served them as their second line of defence whenever the Hindu state broke down under the impact of a foreign invasion.

They ridiculed the Brahmanas a practitioners of a puerile priestcraft designed to deceive the people. And they denounced the Hindu social organization as the “Caste System” invented by the “Aryan invaders” in order to keep down the toiling masses.

Reference – HINDUS AND HINDUISM, Page 19 by Sita Ram Goel

Credit- @SitaRamGoel_Voi

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