The Sengol that Sri Narendra Modi is using to resurrect Bharat out of secular slumber has very deep relevance to the Bharatiya model of governance. It is called “Dharma Danda” in our traditions.


As part of the coronation ritual, the newly coronated king (thru mantras) says “I am going to rule with my Raja Danda” meaning to say “I will rule thru my authority and might to punish”. Then the priest or Raja Guru hits the King with Dharma Danda and says (thru mantras); “rule with Dharma Danda” and hands over the Sengol/Dharma-Danda. This ritual is to remind the head of the state that “Dharma is the ultimate purpose” of governance; not mere power. Now you know why Modi is Pradhan Sevak Nandi to BharatMata – Shivam.



What is this Dharma that is the guiding principle? It is represented by the Bull with its four legs as – (1) Satya (2) Saucha (3) Bhutadaya (4) Nishkama Karma. This is what our ancestors meant by Dharma walking on its four feet. The sitting Bull is depicted with one front leg unfolded – ready to get up at a moment notice. This leg is Satya/Truth. The Nandi sits ever-ready to do the bidding of Shiva (the god-realization). No need to go far to run a Dharma-test on Modi Sarkar. The Sanskrit names are very familiar in our lives.


The “Bharat” is Satya (the secular India is Maya). Viswa Guru is the Dakshina Murthy. Vasudhaika Kutumbakam is its omnipresence. Swacha Bharat, Smart Cities, Heritage Cities, Highways, newly rebuilt train stations , Vande Bharat etc are the the Saucha. Namami Gange, Renewable energy, LED lights, Ujjwala Scheme, Ayushman Bharat, Direct Benefit Transfer, ban on Cow slaughter, cow dung to organic farming are Bhutadaya. Agniveer, non-corrupt governance, cleaning the administration to become service oriented from red tape, Kisan Samman Yojana, MUDRA Yojana etc are Nishkama Karma.


The Amrit Kal is being started with a new parliament building devoid of colonial hangover. What better opportunity for Sri Modi to re-establish the victory of Dharna to symbolically end brown-sahib era? Now you know why the Congress system is shaken to the core. Radha Kumud Mookerji, in his book titled Hindu Civilization, on Sengol (Dharma Danda or Rod of Justice which upholds Dharma).


Credit – @Hiranyareta

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