Why Hindus and Sanatan Dharma Only

Hindus known as the followers of Sanatan Dharma, World’s one and only Dharma which is eternal and divine. Hindus are known as tolerant because Sanatan Dharma which teaches us kindness, acceptance and tolerance doesn’t force anyone to follow the scriptures, one can do anything or to follow any faith, it doesn’t punish you if you don’t preach God unlike Islam or Christianity. In Sanatan Dharma the whole universe is a one big family known as Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam.

They target Hindus because they know that Hindus are tolerant unlike Muslims who are the most intolerant people world will ever see. Hindus being the most tolerant and open minded people always comes under the radar of those insulting the Sanatan Dharma.

Why Do These People Insult Hindus

Hindus, the followers of Sanatan Dharma does not harm anyone intentionally, punishment is in the hands of Ishwar (God). It is he who decides whom to punish and when. We humnas have nothing to do with it. We believe in “Karma and Kanda”.

People who insults Hindus are mostly Hindus themselves apparently. Many of them are converted to different religions like Islam, Baudha Dharma and Christianity are among those who hurts the sentiments of Hindus at their will.

Most interesting fact is that they keep using Hindu names to make Hindus comfortable listening and watching them insulting Sanatan Dharma in the name of Comedy and through visual arts.

Upon concluding the facts we came to know the reasons behind this which is as follows:

  • Hindus are peaceful people and doesn’t act on these things. The most they could do is to raise their voices legally.
  • Converted people hurts Hindu sentiments the most to show why had they left Sanatan Dharma, yeah they’ll not say for “Rice Bag” ofcourse.
  • Some people hurt our Sentiments for cheap publicity as Hindus are so tolerant. And they could go away by gaining some popularity.
  • Followers of different faiths tends to share blasphemy posts on Sanatan Dharma.
  • Irony is that the People with different religious background who doesn’t even know about Sanatan Culture also interferes in Sanatan Dharma quoting biased references.
  • Political differences also incline Hindus to question the Sanatan Dharma.
  • Hindus will never cut off your head on insulting Hindu Deities. It gives them the freedom to use it against us only.
  • Hindus will only complain about it on social media increasing their popularity even more as they could have wanted.
  • Insult Hindus and say sorry when matter escalates that is how easy it is.
  • Last but not least, Bollywood has left no stone unturned defaming Sanatan Dharma and Hindus.

How to Stop Them

Dragging them into the court is the only legal solution for these kind of acts. Self awareness towards Sanatan Dharma is the necessity of time.

We have seen Hindus themselves insulting the Deities and making fun of it. Recent example of a liar turned lawyer Deepika Singh Shekhawat real name Deepika Thussu who shares blasphemy and objectionable art on Navratri but kept mum and wishes “Happy Bloodbath” during the festival of Eid.

Left leaning Actor Sushant Singh is also seen supporting the lawyer on her insulting post. No surprise that Leftists has always been against Sanatan Dharma whether they are Hindus or any other religious person.

Actually this art is made by an Marathi Ambedkarite named Lokesh Pooja Uke who doesn’t know anything about Sanatan Dharma and makes fun of Navratri in the name of blasphemy art. Or may be he is sharing what he himself does to womens of his family.

Hindus must unite and file the defamation suit against those who hurts our sentiments. They can’t post any such things against Islam otherwise Kamlesh Tiwari and Paris Beheading are no exception.

People like Deepika are the most opportunistic and third-rate beings who in the name of justice will loot your money and disappear. She was the one fighting for Ashifa and didn’t even appeared in court twice in over 110 hearings.

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