I was watching the Bihar election results and tuned into the so-called mainstream but left-wing media of the country. They all were reporting the demography of Hindus based on the upper caste, lower caste divides. What was more astonishing that they were reporting the caste-based further divided demography of SCs, STs, UCs of the Hindus but not of the Muslims. They were blatantly calling Hindus’ caste demographics by the old derogatory names, which is prohibited by India’s constitution and a punishable offense (rb.gy/rjttui).

However, when they were reporting the demographics of the Muslims, they were not reporting their divided demography such as Shia, Sunni, Pathan, Ahmadi, Barelvi, Bohra, Salafi, Khan, and many more. They were just saying that this area is a Muslim majority, so the Islamic political party from Hyderabad is leading from there. They try to divide Hindus and report Mullahs as if they are united. That is how they fuel the casteist hate among Hindus and weaken the community bonds of them. 

Remember how India’s media have reported the Hathrash-case of UP and tried to fuel the casteist hate among Hindus. In contrast, they kept mum on the love jihad cases that occurred in Hariyana and Rajasthan at the same time. They go completely silent when any Shia or Sunni, etc. commits any crime against another Muslim community or against Hindus. Child marriages, rapes, and divorce cases are common among Muslims, but Indian left-wing media never reports writing as ‘A Pathan community man raped a Shia community girl’. They again don’t do this in the cases of various jihads by dominant, violent Vahabies and Pathans against Shias, Ahmadis, or Hindus.

It also suits the morally corrupt Indian political parties to divide Hindus, not Muslims. They do not realize that this is a democratic nation, not an Islamic one, where only Islamic political parties have all the rights on the votes of Shias, Pathans, Sunnies, etc. Therefore, I suggest my readers, political parties, and media groups of the nation avoid fueling the casteist tension among Hindus for their short term gains by reporting and targeting casteist divides. 

I suggest all the readers immediately report any case of casteist reporting by Twitter and cybercrime portals of the country. Try to avoid any financial and attentional transaction with the corporates, who fund these media groups such as NDTV, ABP News, Aaj Tak, The Wire, The Print, India Today, TOI, etc,. They create casteist tension among Hindus. Tell these media houses on Twitter that Pathans and Bohra Muslims in Gujarat, Nakvies in Bihar, and Ahmadis and Sunnis in UP vote for BJP. It is not always that Pathans will vote only for the Islamic political party or Congress in any election.

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