After Pentagon revealation, Washington has being encouraged to come public about its biolab operation in Ukraine. After dismissing the allegations as Russian propaganda for months, the Pentagon confirmed on Thursday that it has 46 biolabs in Ukraine that are being operated.

Following the Pentagon’s unexpected turnaround after months of denial, China has joined calls for the US to explain the function and capacity of the laboratories. Leaked documents from March appeared to imply that the company’s actions in Ukraine were classified as sensitive, and Kiev was apparently barred from discussing the program publicly.

Ukraine is obligated to deliver the deadly germs to the US Department of Defense for biological research, according to a document signed between the two countries.

“This has long been a source of concern for the international community. Recently, Russia released more about the US’s bio-military activities in Ukraine, stating unequivocally that the US has broken the BWC.

“The United States has an obligation under the BWC to provide clarifications on Russia’s claim in order to restore the international community’s trust in the United States’ compliance,” he said.

After it was claimed that pathogen testing was carried out on psychiatric patients from Kharkiv, Washington denied Russian charges that it had experimented on humans and alleged Russia of propagating false propaganda against US.

In the past, the US has been accused of participating in biological warfare.

After revealing the US biological war in Korea in the 1950s, former Daily Worker international correspondent Alan Winnington and Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett were charged with treason and had their passports revoked.

Despite the protestations, an International Scientific Commission led by Professor Joseph Needham of Cambridge University concluded that China and North Korea had been exposed to bacteriological weapons.

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