Kuwait importing 192 Metric ton of Cow Dung is ​a ​slap on to those who ridiculed Sanatan tradition of worshipping Cow. The medicinal value of Cow milk, Cow urine and Cow dung is the subject of curious study in west. Lengthy reams of paper have been researched and written confirming its utility. Infect many western countries have gone ahead and shamelessly tried to patent many by-products in its name.

All such positive attribution and mankind’s utility caused heartburn to the Indian Tukde Tukde gang. But news of Kuwait based Lamor importing 192 Metric tonnes of Indigenous Cow dung from India has defaced the same gang.

Hating Cow was the agenda. This hate was demonstrated in all forms. From ridiculing to killing cows. The love for freedom of choice was hollow defence. Any remote connect with Cow dung were lampooned with stupidity and buffoonery.

But the mask is off. How can you import and use Cow dung? It is against your civilizational value. Your tradition taught you differently. You slaughter Cow. You manufacture a hate story to tarnish the values and ideas of Sanatan.

The So called Tukde Tukde gang must be cursing themselves and Kuwait for their sudden realization and admiration for Cow and Cow dung. Read oldest of Sanatan Scripture, search within the oldest source of Knowledge Called Rig Veda and reverence for Cow is explained.

Sanatan has so much science within its belief that it is an unpalatable story for others.  The day ignorant would realize the truth of Sanatan belief, the world of unbeliever would crumble. Let the world first get educated.

Meanwhile Good luck to Kuwait for his sudden realization of Value and benefit of Cow dung. Besides its medicinal input, it can contribute to the food security of the Middle east. The Middle East has no water and no food. Centuries they have travelled, imported and survived. Time ahead is too precarious. If they do not look at the value system of Sanatan identity, Dusk is not distant.​


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