Israel has decided to bestow honorary citizenship on Keralite nurse Soumya Santosh who was killed in Israel after the apartment she lived in was struck by rockets fired by Hamas terrorists. The Deputy Chief of Mission at the Israel Embassy in New Delhi said, “Israeli people believe that she (Soumya Santosh) is an honorary citizen, they see her as one of their own”. She also stated that her family would be compensated by the National Insurance Institute of Israel and her nine year old son would be taken care of by Israel.

There was secular hypocrisy among Hinduphobic political parties in India to be not seen publicly condemning Hamas terror while giving out condolence statements on Soumya’s death. The leftist Kerala government did not even come forward to help the bereaved family and assure support to them as they were bogged down by their Hamas terror supporting Muslim votebank.

In a move to show Israel’s deep-rooted friendship with India and thank overwhelming support of majority Indians to Israel in its fight against Hamas and Palestinian terror, Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin contacted Saumya’s family and gave his condolences and assured them of all support.

Saumya’s husband expressed his wish to visit Saumya’s place of death in Ashkelon, Isareal. The President very graciously agreed to the request and stated that Israel would do all arrangements to facilitate his visit and also said that he would personally meet the family members when they visit Israel.

Earlier, after Saumya was killed by Hamas terror rockets on May 11th, Israeli Consul General to South of India attended her cremation ceremony in Idukki, Kerala on 16th May said Israel considered as a victim of terror, like the Jewish victims during 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. He even called Soumya an ‘Angel to the Israeli people’.

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