Famous from the name of Wizard of hockey ,we all know that it was Major Dhyanchandra, who gave recognition to Hockey in India.

Born on August 29, 1905, at Prayagraj, Major Dhyanchandra belonged to the family of defense Dhyan Singh was the primordial name of Dhyanchandra, he along his brother Roop Singh played Hockey for India and it was due to their proficiency that India, even before the independence, without any resources, won three gold medals in Olympics .

Dhyanchandra used to practice in moonlight, once his mentor Bala Tiwari saw this and gave him the title of Dhyanchandra (one who practices in moonlight).

Dhyanchandra showed his magic for the first time in 1928, in the summer Olympics of Amsterdam and then repeatedly in 1932, summer Olympics of California and 1936 , Olympics of Germany, winning gold in all the three.

The opportunities knocked the door in German Olympics in 1936, when German despot Hitler offered him to join German team with all the facilities and honours which were not accoutered in India, but this son of Mother India disavowed it and accepted the salt of India in place of Germany .

Now the question arises had India given him enough honours ?

This Wizard of hockey died suffering of cancer in the general ward of the hospital just due to insufficient funds .This wizard of Hockey has received only Padma Bhushan, to which he deserved Bharat Ratna. As a compensation 29 August is celebrated of National Sports Day. Now this is all which we have given to the player who has given our National game .

Its true that the condition of sports and sports person is improving in new India ,but when will this Wizard get his part of honour, the question still remains unanswered.

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