Rahul Gandhi is known for his bizarre actions in the public and hence he is considered highly incompetent as a politician. As usual, another blunderous thing he did was he was caught laughing at the prayer meeting of Sharad Yadav who died last night.

In the video emerged it was shown that a woman was crying while speaking to Rahul Gandhi and he was smiling while talking to her. On being asked about this attitude Rahul Gandhi stated, “it was not Rahul Gandhi who was laughing at Sharad Yadav’s prayer meeting I have killed him.” Again on this bizarre statement to cover up his blunder, Supriya Shrinate said, “Dukh ke bazaar me khushiyan baat rahe hai”.


Note: The above information is meant for satire. If you think it’s serious you deserve to stay in T-shirt in this chilling cold.


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