It’s funny how incorrect references of Constitution is being made to support the senseless protest which the Islamist girls have started to demand the wearing of hijab and burka is school and college campuses. But it’s funnier how name of Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar is being constantly used in protests supporting the illegitimate demands of Islamists.

Mediapersons covering the issue in Karnataka posted videos of male students donning blue stoles chanting ‘Jai Bhim’. The students were protesting in support of the burqa-donning women students at IDSG government college in Chikkamagalur area of Karnataka, as per reports. Another protest to where they islamists where protesting in support of hijab-burkha also took posters which had BR Ambedkar photo. It’s ironical to see BR Ambedkar name in the pro-veil protest who was staunchly against hijab and burkha.

The people who are using the pictures of BR Ambedkar in the protests to support the illegitimate demands of Islamists must read what BR Ambedkar had said and had opinion on burkha and hijab. “Indeed, the Muslims have all the social evils of the Hindus and something more. That something more is the compulsory system of purdah for Muslim women. These burka women walking in the streets is one of the most hideous sights one can witness in India”. Dr BR Ambedkar also went up to say “They lag behind their sisters from other communities, cannot take part in any outdoor activity and are weighed down by a slavish mentality and an inferiority complex.”

Since few days, Islamist-Leftist are trying every possible way to pressurise and convince the school authorities to open their gates for the girls who don’t want to follow the dress code and who are in depth of “Sharia law”.

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