13 More in addition to earlier 2500 approx. – Young US Soldiers were martyred for keeping a promise of peace and development in Afghanistan in the last 2 decades.

The US spent nearly over 1 trillion dollars in constructing Hospital, Road, Dam and infrastructure for the citizens of Afghanistan.

Given these two startling facts and yesterday’s Kabul Bombing, Biden’s decision to leave this rogue and ungrateful nation at its fate appears to be so logical. Today there is criticism arising from many corners, asking even for the resignation of the US President yet all are reactive without any long term solution.

Afghanistan does want to be governed.  The incompetence of mobs from Somalia to Pakistan can be governed by autocracy only not by democracy. You cannot practice and teach the value of Secularism, pluralism, women’s rights, LGBT rights and human rights in these countries. America along with its allies NATO tried to civilize a society. And accept it, you have failed.

It needs the guts of a statesman to swallow the poison of retreat, disgrace and tough decisions. And Thank you President you have done that.

What next, Nation in neighbours like India is worried about the left over plundered sophisticated arms falling in the hand of Jihadi and fomenting bigger trouble in Kashmir and rest of India. Certainly it is not misplaced apprehension. The solution is not to condemn President Biden but to avenge and repeat Balakot. A nation with 13 Lac Soldiers should wait to be on toe to pulverize and balkanize enemy nations like Pakistan.  Given the fact that Pakistan is so poor and financially unstable, it cannot defend an aggressive army beyond 5 days. And yet our think tank cribbed and cower instead of advocating to pound this rogue nation.

The US should not and would not leave a disgrace of retreat after paying so big a cost of man and money. It must pound the strategic airport, Bridge and military installation in afghanistan once evacuation is over.

विनय ना मानत जलध जड़

गए तीन दिन बीति।

बोले राम सकोप तब

भय बिनु होय ना प्रीति

The famous Doha of Great Poet Tulsidas, how apt he has explained the prowess and ability of Lord Ram. Read Ramayan to understand the relevance of this epic today.

The epicenter of this instability is always Pakistan. Just tighten the screw and a nation that survives on doles and donations from the rest of the world, it would cease to exist soon.

World is too worried placcid and inactive against fighting terrorism. The root of terrorism does not rest with the extremist and individual but it is in the ideology. There are handful of organization operating from some safe haven in few identified nation. Hammer them to close the chapter for once.

Actually Problem rests with civil society worldwide. They are too civil, polite and timid. They cannot take decisive action and not even make way for alternate decisive leadership to lead the establishment. The world, civil Society and innocent citizens are paying the price of this incompetence.

Why Blame Taliban, Blame it yourself Dear Civil Society?

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