Every Talibani has some Pakistan connection. Some were rooted into the Society, others were trained in Pakistani Society. And in a few decades, Pakistani establishment assumed an impression about total subjugation viz a viz complete capitulation by Taliban.

The infamous quote, “Those who forget history are destined to repeat the historical mistakes.”  Is not a mere proverbial truth. Rather it is a time-tested truth.

Afghanistan is said to be the graveyard of many a kingdom. And yes, it has a history. And beneath this lies some unsaid truth. Arab enslaved Turk. Turk enslaved Pakhtoon (Afghanistan) and Pakhtoon enslaved Punjabis (West Pakistan). The age-old animosity and brutal skirmish between the Pakhtoon and Punjabi are no hidden secret. For a century there was a pause in the bitterness of two.

Pakistan is gradually proving to be a disaster as a nation. It survived on begged capital for over seven decades. But it cannot anymore, given its mammoth 23cr Population. While on the other hand Afghanistan is a little better as the nation is back to medieval era already under Taliban.

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Medieval Afghanistan cannot recognize Durand line, an infamous line drawn by a British clerk Mr. Henry Durand to divide the Pakhtoon tribe into two.  A poor Pakistan can still be treacherous, true to its past though considerably weak. The graveyard of the kingdom has replayed its historical role again.

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Pakistan establishment on account of its insidious connection with Taliban has been able to create an unbridgeable fault line. The Haqqani who are still considered to be on payroll and a proxy of the Pakistani establishment are challenging the Haibatullah Akhunzada the de-facto commander of Taliban. Born and brought at Kandhar trained at Quetta Pakistan is the undisputed leader since 2016. A battle hardy who has lost more than half of his close family members in many skirmishes with Pakistan army.

The two though were partners in war against US forces are said to be bargaining for absolute control of Pakhtoon leadership. Pakistan senses an opportunity to divide and create the rift. And they are working. Perhaps it is the only way to distract and weaken the Pakhtoon from uniting, mobilizing and assaulting the Durand line. The Pakhtoon division will be extremely bloody on either side of the Durand line.

Dissociated and redundant from the major power, possibility of outside intervention and sane voice is near impossible. Stage is set and a medieval return is awaited along the Durand line.

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