Article 19 part 4, freedom of expression; as it was added in constitution to achieve freedom in each personality which doesn’t affect religion, caste or gender etc
But nowadays it is killing piousness of people whome for the article was been added. It is now being used to convert innocence into cunning personalities, truth into lies, lies into truth, you can’t even imagine the truthness of the video or tv serials or movies are you watching or you are surrounded by.
Makers don’t choose the audience but the audience chooses the makers now.
For example you may have watched Jodha-Akbar tv serial, what have you noticed?
You answer will be nothing but the love, isn’t it?
That is very serious threat to society we live in. What happened to India? Who glorifies their looters and rapists like this?
In this you will find many scenes where Akbar insults Lord Krishna and Jodha also does the same but when name of allah came on akbar tongue then they show magic and you will never find any scene where allah get insult.
Here makers just want riots and want publicity whether it is positive or negative doesn’t matter to them.
They have started hurting sentiments of Hinduism that gives them negative publicity and they know no hindu will harm them.
No country would be allowing such basterd face of their own media but there in India makers can glorify their own enemies for money and greed in such a way that coming generations will forget the severe spot given by their looters, enemies. I

In such case i won’t blame makers only, the public is also responsible for the success of such makers and also responsible for their own child going in such direction where they can bring such situation again by assuming their enemy to be love of their land.
Gov’t must bring strict rules that no one can play with history by just simple some seconds of apologies images.
Public must raise their voice against the makers and channels who are simply destroying and mocking cultures of the country by just their “freedom of expressions”

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