Contributed from USA

“I am surprised Sikhs for Justice is making such a news splash. Any Not for Profit (NGO) in USA can be tracked from IRS web pages (IRS is Internal Revenue Service, that is Like Income Tax Department of any other country). Charity navigator and GuideStar are other great resources. It is no where shown as big or significant entity.

As per IRS, all Not for Profit are required to file an annual return. Those that declare that their annual receipts were less than $50,000, they don’t file detailed report. They file 990N (e postcard). Sikhs for Justice International filed 990N. IRS consider these Not for Profit indeed like minor, from tax point of view as their receipts are meager. you may see below two screen shots from  IRS web pages. The search for ‘Sikhs for Justice’ and ‘Sikhs for Justice International’ returned no results. I have also added a screen shot from Charity Navigator. GuideStar showed its Gross Receipts and Assets as Zero. However, shows SFJ now announces $1 mn grant to farmers for Khalistan support.

It is certainly a fit case to be investigated by IRS, inter-governmental cooperation to know the truth. Annual Receipts less than $50,000, Grant announced $1,000,000. Now that Kamala Harris is Vice President of USA, India should expect full and prompt cooperation.”



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