After the completion of the police custody remand period of Hyatt & Company, the conspirators of the Nai Sadak ruckus in Kanpur, were sent back to jail after being produced before the court on Monday afternoon. During the remand period of more than 50 hours, Hayat uncovered many secrets. His accomplices Javed Ahmed, Sufiyan and Rahil, who were involved in the conspiracy with Hayat Zafar Hashmi, were sent to jail by the police. On June 11, all four were taken on custody remand by the police. Apart from the SIT, the team of ATS and IB also questioned him. During this, some important information related to funding has come to the hands of the police. It was through this that the name of Haji Wasi came to the fore. Strong action was also started against him. The buildings of three, including Haji Vasi, were sealed by the KDA on Sunday. Evidence of miscreants gathering and pelting stones from here had also come to the fore in the sealed building of Bekonganj.

The troublemakers who had come from Unnao also came to – 

the fore in the interrogation of Hyatt & Co. It has come to the fore that people from Unnao had also joined to attend the market closure. The names of some have also been in the hands of the police. SIT is verifying the mobile number with the help of CDR and location.

According to sources involved in many big biryani shopkeepers, 

Hayat has told the police that many biryani shopkeepers in Chamanganj and Beknaganj areas are close to him. Who used to fund him and his organization on a large scale. One of them has been named in the case of enemy property.

Four buildings of the builder who funded Hayat sealed again, case registered 

In the case of the ruckus on the new road, the police have claimed that the builder Haji Wasi is the main funder of the mastermind Hayat Zafar Hashmi. On Sunday, the KDA had sealed Haji Vasi’s Jajmau building. On Monday, four more of his buildings located in Chamanganj were sealed.

Despite the sealing of these four buildings, construction work was going on. The KDA has lodged four FIRs against Haji Wasi and his associates. Haji Wasi is an accused in all the cases, while his accomplices Hamza and Adil have been made accused in one each.

These buildings were sealed 

The sealed buildings in which the KDA has caught construction work are 105/203, 88/248, 88/333 and 88/507. KDA is identifying illegal properties of more people associated with Haji Wasi and Hayat. Action will be taken after identification.

Sources say that after completing the paperwork, preparations are being made to run bulldozers on illegal properties, although police, administration or KDA officials are not giving any official statement in this regard. The screws will gradually tighten.

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