The arrest of Delhi CM Kejriwal has given space to a number of opinions. According to one such theory, the main purpose of social media app Twitter was to initiate regime changes in different parts of the world.  We can take the example of the Middle East. The Arab Spring brought about changes in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, and it is said that Twitter played a big part in this.  Later on, Ukraine and India were targeted in 2013-14.  One might ask the question: Why India and Ukraine?

During his tenure as President of the US in the 90’s, Bill Clinton tried his best to take away nuclear arms from Ukraine and India.  There was success when Ukraine eventually did give up its nuclear weapons.  However, thanks to PM PV Narasimha Rao, India did not surrender its nuclear capacity.

Imagine if Ukraine had also decided against giving up its nuclear weapons.  What are the chances that Russia would still have attacked Ukraine in 2022?  But that didn’t happen.  This was followed by a stand up comedian becoming the President of Ukraine in 2013.

Now let us take a look at where India was during that time.  In 2013-2014, couple of lesser known Civil Servants namely Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal started to get unusual media attention.  One of the commonalities between these two was, both had one the Magsasay Award.  For those who are not aware, the Magsayay Foundation is a non-profit organisation which is run from the US.  The fact that these two people were brought into the limelight makes one curious.  It almost looks like a thorough research was done to identify the Indian mindset and preferences.  Anna Hazaare was replicating Gandhi, whereas Kejriwal was mimicking Nehru.

The on ground situation is, that Zelensky is fighting Russia.  In the process, Ukraine is destroyed and Ukrainians are dying.  The European economy is in a shambles with no hope for recovery in the near future.  Who benefits from this situation?  The simple answer is, it is the US which stands being the main beneficiary from this situation.  So we must ask ourselves, was Kejriwal being launched to become a Zelensky for India?  If he was to lead India, he could have started a war with China, which would have resulted in deaths of thousands of Indians as well as India ceding territory to China.  Again, who would have been the main benefactor from this situation? The US.

Intriguing line of enquiry….

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