PC George, the Kerala Christian MLA from Poonjar, reiterated his opposition to alarmingly increasing cases of Love Jihad in Kerala, he stated that around 47 girls have become victims of Love Jihad in his assembly constituency alone.

According to the Times of India, PC George reportedly said that he has been watching this problem closely for sometime and most of the cases were in Erattupetta.

He reportedly stated that of the total 47 victims, 12 girls are Hindus and 35 are Christians. He also expressed his inability to file complaints or approach the courts as the families of the girls are so distraught that they are on the verge of committing suicide.

He emphasised that organised targeting of non-Muslim girls by Love Jihad is a fact and exists in Kerala.

George also mentioned of a case in 2018, where a girl named Jesna went missing was a victim of Love Jihad.

Notably, earlier this week PC George surprised everyone with his views when he demanded that India should be declared a Hindu Rashtra, being a Christian. He had stated that India should become a Hindu Rashtra to prevent it from becoming an Islamic nation by 2030.

He had made these statements in a speech during a function organised by HRDS India, a tribal welfare NGO, at Thodupuzha in Idukki, Kerala. He had stated that Islamist terrorists and fundamentalists aim to convert India into an Islamic country.

He had unequivocally stated then, “Where will this go? Supreme Court says there is no Love Jihad, I know Love Jihad is real. I will say there is Love jihad. When I am saying where we are heading, don’t misunderstand. There is only one solution to put an end to this. Respected Bharat must be declared a Hindu Rashtra”.

He had also said that the demonetisation move by the Modi government in 2016 was a huge set back for the Islamists as it upset their funding network. He futher stated that Muslims are also infiltrating in Christian countries and slowly changing the demographics and culture there to convert them to Islamic nations.

While, the pseudo-secular parties and their card carrying members in the media, academics and judiciary is busy trying to cover-up Grooming Jihad and Love Jihad as ‘inter faith love’ when the ground realities are quite different.

News input: Times of India.

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