COVID is at worst stage in India till now. So we need to counter it strategically. Till now in this 2ns wave we are reactive. Central Govt needs to take bold and focused actions to counter COVID.

I am suggesting few steps and points to counter this COVID.

Declare Medical Emergency. STOP everything, literally everything

Create Trustable environment.

Remove everything related to COVID from all State

Central Government has to take full control

Create 7 days plan of action for below activities

  1. Build Hospitals of around 5000 bed per 2-3 district (depending on population). Use all play grounds, Stadiums, school grounds
  2. Ask MGNREGA card holder and volunteers to build the Hospitals
  3. Make available all facilities in that hospitals including Oxygen. Distribute Oxygen to those hospitals
  4. Equip existing Ambulances, prepare for new. So that patients can get easily move to these hospitals. Allow private vehicles to transfer the patients to these hospitals. Provide Stickers to private vehicles for smooth transportation
  5. We have 85000 students in medical colleges, provide 1 day training of initial handling of COVID patients and deploy them in these hospitals.
  6. Hire chemists (We have huge number of medicals. Take chemists from private medicals) and deploy them to the hospitals to distribute medicine.
  7. Create one department to counsel the patients, make them relax and understand that they are not going to die.
  8. Make in-charge of  this complete exercise minister like Nitin Gadkari, Piyush Goyal, Amit Shah or group of ministers who are bold enough to take on the spot decision and Master of Management.
  9. Make it Free for everyone, so that patients will not even try to purchase and illegal stocking will stop
  10. Increase Vaccination as much as we can. Ask producer to increase the production. Use other labs, manufacturing units. Give 30 day target to produce 130 Cr doses. Give vaccine drive door to door in infected area or in vulnerable cities
  11. Make it to offensive, non bailable for both seller and purchaser to stop black marketing.
  12. Ask media to create positive environment, show progress of above plan continuously. Stop showing funeral of dead bodies for next 7 days. After that show the hard working of all above mechanism.

With the help of these action items we can counter COVID quickly and permanently and it is very much possible.

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