How much longer must this drag on? “”Thousands of Pakistani Islamists clashed with police for a second day”; how many more days will there be?

It will drag on for as long as takes. For as long as Westerners remain dar al-harb (the House of War), Islamic supremacists will work to subjugate them and force them into obedience to Sharia.

This story illustrates the uproar, violence and deep threats to stability that ensue when Muslim sensibilities are insulted. Incidents such as this should be enough to wake up Western authorities and lead them to recognize that Islam is not actually a “religion of peace.” Jihad remains alive and well worldwide after 1400 years, while Westerners remain focused on “offense” and “Islamophobia,” with no regard for the real victims.

“Pakistan Islamists clash over French cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammad,” by Asif Shahzad, Mubasher Bukhari, Reuters, April 13, 2021:

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) -Thousands of Pakistani Islamists clashed with police for a second day on Tuesday in protest against the arrest of their leader ahead of rallies denouncing French cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad, officials said.

At least one activist and one police officer died from wounds suffered overnight after Islamists blocked highways, rail tracks and main entry and exit routes, paralysing business in almost all major cities.

Police fired tear gas to disperse the protesters, government official Naveed Zaman told Reuters, adding that they had refused to leave until the release of their leader, Saad Rizvi, who was arrested on Monday.

Rizvi is the head of an extremist group, Tehrik-i-Labaik Pakistan (TLP), that rose to prominence making the denunciation of blasphemy against Islam its rallying cry.

The protesters beat one officer, who died on Tuesday, and wounded at least 40, a police spokesman in eastern Lahore told Reuters.

One protester died in a southwestern district, a police chief said on condition of anonymity.

Video showed some protesters beating and dragging police and pedestrians, which government adviser Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi condemned. He told Reuters the law would take its course against those responsible.

The group blocked one of the main roads into the capital late last year and called off their protest only after the government signed a deal with them, agreeing to endorse a boycott of French products.

At the time, protests had broken out in several Muslim countries over France’s response to a deadly attack on a teacher who showed cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammad to pupils during a civics lesson.

Pakistan’s parliament had condemned the re-printing of the cartoons in France, urging the government to withdraw its ambassador.

For Muslims, depictions of the Prophet are blasphemous!


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