Kerala High Court on 21st of December imposed a fine of 1 lakh on petitioner who filed a plea seeking the removal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photo from covid vaccination certificate. This is the second time Kerala High Court went up to a case seeking the removal of PM’s photo from covid vaccination certificate.Few days ago Kerala High Court rejected the plea which demanded the same action. But this time the Kerala High Court came down heavily and lashed out at the petitioner and also went up to impose a fine of 1 lakh rupees.

Justice P.V Kunhikrishnan said while hearing the plea said “The people elect the eligible persons among them and send them to the Parliament and the majority party will select their leader and he will be our Honourable Prime Minister for five years,”. He further added “till the next general election, he will be the Prime Minister of India.Therefore, according to me, it is the duty of the citizens to respect the Prime Minister of India, and of course, they can differ on the policies of the Government and even the political stand of the Prime Minister.”

Few days ago Kerala High Court rejected the plea which demanded the same action. Kerala High Court on 13th of December heard a plea of a petitioner who objected to the Prime Minister’s photo on the covid vaccine certificates.

The petitioner worked in the Jawaharlal Nehru University and therefore Justice PV Kunhikrishnan asked him that ,What is wrong with PM Modi photo on vaccine certificate if University can have name of Jawaharlal Nehru. PV Kunhikrishnan said “What is the problem if Prime Minister Modi’s name is there on the vaccine certificate? You work at an Institute named after Jawaharlal Nehru, he is also a Prime Minister. Why not ask the university to remove that name also”, the judge remarked orally.

The petitioner argued that no other country holds the name and photo of its Prime Minister on the covid vaccine certificates upon which Justice PV Kunhikrishnan answered “They are not proud of their PM, we are proud of ours. He became PM because of the mandate of the people. We have different political opinions but he is still our prime minister,”.

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