After the rebellion of minister Eknath Shinde in the Uddhav government, Shiv Sena is now standing on the verge of collapse. By issuing an emotional message to the public, CM Uddhav Thackeray has now wrapped all his belongings from his official residence i.e. Varsha Bungalow and reached Matoshree. Meanwhile, information is coming out that like the MLAs, about 8-9 MPs out of 19 Shiv Sena MPs can also leave Uddhav’s side. However, due to the anti-defection law, it will be his compulsion to stay in Shiv Sena.

A senior journalist who was close to CM Uddhav said on the condition of anonymity that most of these MPs are from Konkan, Marathwada and North Maharashtra. Of these, the name of Shiv Sena MP Bhavna Gawli of Washim is being said to be the most prominent. He has written a letter in support of Eknath Shinde and appealed to Uddhav to consider the demand of the rebel MLAs and not to take action against these leaders.

According to sources, they are waiting for the change of power and they will stand apart from Uddhav as soon as Shinde gets the full command of Shiv Sena. Apart from these there are some other names which can come up today. Eknath Shinde’s son Shrikant Shinde, Thane Lok Sabha MP Rajan Vichare and Nagpur’s Ramtek MP Kripal Tumane are also angry with the party.

Bhawna Gawli has written a letter asking CM Uddhav Thackeray to forge an alliance with the BJP.

Gawli asked not to act on the rebels,

Shiv Sena MP Bhavna Gawli wrote in her letter, ‘The demand of the rebel MLAs in favor of Hindutva should be considered.’ He has also appealed to the CM not to take action against the rebel MLAs. However, Uddhav-backed leaders say that the money laundering case against Bhavna is under investigation. He has been summoned thrice by the ED. The investigation of money laundering case against Gawli is going on in Mahila Pratishthan Trust. The money laundering case in this trust is very old.

These MPs are angry with the neglect of the workers,

some others include the name of Shrikant Shinde, MP from Thane and son of Eknath Shinde. Along with them, some MPs from Marathwada are also angry with Uddhav’s decisions. He says that despite standing in a strong position with 19 MPs in the Lok Sabha, Uddhav has been confined to Mumbai only and despite saying many times, the workers associated with him are constantly being neglected in the party.

These MPs will be separated from Uddhav, not Shiv Sena,

the anti-defection law is an anti-defection law, which prevents MLAs or MPs from changing parties. Actually, if an MLA changes party before the election, there is no problem, but if he does so after winning from any one party, he will have to first resign from the Lok Sabha and re-election will be held on his seat.

Due to this rule, there will be no need for elections!

There is also a provision in this law, under which if 2/3 of the party’s MPs leave the party at the same time, they will not need to resign nor will elections be held on their seats and during this time whichever party they will support, His government will come to power without any trouble. However, the status of the MPs will not affect the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly.

Change of MPs will affect the

Presidential Elections In the Presidential Election 2022, the value of each MP’s vote has been reduced to 700, due to the absence of Legislative Assembly in Jammu and Kashmir. In such a situation, if the Shinde faction has more MPs and they become the real successor of Shiv Sena, then the opposition may have to bear the loss.

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