The list is long. I have listed few.

  1. Palghar Sadhu lynching: Innocent Hindu Sadhus were killed by a big mob. Culprits went scot-free.
  2. Demolition of Kangana’s house: During corona times BMC was busy breaking Kangana’s house for criticizing nepotism in Bollywood.
  3. Harassment of Arnab: Arnab was harassed and even jailed for criticizing MVA.
  4. Botching up SSR and Disha Salian case: Most likely the underworld killed Sushat Rajput and his secretary Disha Salian. The entire matter was suppressed.
  5. Manhandling navy veterans in broad daylight.
  6. Rs 100 cr extortion racket
  7. Corruption charges against Deshmukh and Parambir Singh.
  8. Planting explosives near Antila (Mukesh Ambani’s house) for extorting money by a police officer who was reinstated on behest of Shiv Sena.
  9. Murder of Hiren Mansukh.
  10. Vaze’s arrest and confessions of planting the bomb at Antila
  11. Nawab Malik case and arrest for money laundering and links with Dawood.
  12. Ban on Hanuman chalisa and arrest of Rana couple under sedition charge for chanting Hanuman chalisa.
  13. Celebration of terrorist Tipu sultan jayanti
  14. Arrest of actress Ketki Chitle over a FB post for mocking Sharad Pawar.
  15. Utter mismanagement of Covid: Maharashtra tops the country in number of cases and fatalities.

Summarizing everything, for hunger of power, SS torched Balasaheb’s ideology to ground.

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