Non muslim students have come up into the streets to express their grievances. Islamist students who want to wear hijab in schools and colleges are causing a hindrance for other students in getting their education.

The normal students are speaking up and expressing their pain saying that their education and academics are being affected due to the protests by Muslim students against the hijab ban but sadly the leftist and Pro Terrorism media are trying to hide this update.

The Karnataka High Court has passed an interim order in which it resisted the wearing of any religious symbols in school and college campuses but there are instances where the muslim students are defying the Karnataka High Court’s order and are tying to enter the college with hijab and burkha and because of this communal environment has sorrounded the college because of which non muslim students are problem in concentrating in their studies.

One non muslim was seen speaking to the media “they would have come if education would have been important, but they remove it while doing insta reels.Our parents are working hard day and night and sending us to school/PU college, but because of them, our education too is getting hit.If education is important, Hjab girls will come. But they just want to fight.”

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