Planned tractor march to the Parliament and protests of the so called farmers will continue as per schedule even after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to repeal all the three farm laws.

Darshan Pal Singh who is the leader of the Krantikari Kisan Union said “Our programs for 22nd, 26th & 29th Nov will continue as usual. Lucknow rally on 22nd, a gathering on 26th when one yr (of farmers’ agitation) will be marked across the nation & tractor march (to Parliament) on 29. Agitation will continue”. He further added that “Our issues besides farm laws, especially MSP, withdrawal of cases against us, rollback of Power Bill 2020 & Air Quality Ordinance, & allotment of a location for a memorial for our friends who died, are pending. We hope Govt calls a meeting to resolve the issues.

On 19th of November, through a Press Conference, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced that the three farm laws against which the so called farmers were protesting for over an year will be repealed.

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