All of know about the cabinet reshuffle that Modiji did. Lets analyze the various aspects of the reshuffle and lastly what should Congress learn from it. Congress should not take it on its ego, but rather all political parties should adopt each other’s best practices.

Lets go to the first aspect: Analysis of re-shuffle:

  1. Performance has been rewarded: Ministers like Hardeep Singh Puri, G. Kishan Reddy, MPs like Ashwani Vaishnav have been promoted to Cabinet rank and have been given important portfolios like Railways, Tourism, Petroleum etc. A culture where performance is rewarded encourages people to perform better and therefore unleashes competitive spirit among people.
  2. Non-Performance has been punished: This is the best thing I love in Modiji. Irrespective of your stature, if you don’t do well, you will be booted out. Such a culture ensures that no minister will enter to their comfort zones. Many heavy weight ministers have been booted out. For e.g. Dr. Harsh Vardhan did not handle COVID 19 well, he was shown the door. Same for Santosh Gangawar, he has been able to take the states on board and enforce the new labor laws and was removed.
  3. Ministries’ load has been balanced: If some person is not able to handle more load, then it is imperative for the leader to take note and lessen his/her load. It is important that no person is made to work which (s)he cannot handle. For e.g. the number of ministries under Smriti Irani have been reduced and Ministry of textiles(which employs the second highest number of people after Agriculture) has been given to Piyush Goyal, who is a very capable minister.
  4. Politics have been taken care of: The states which which are about to go for elections have been given good representation. For e.g. U.P. This is extremely important as BJP is a political party and taking right political steps is equally important.
  5. Due Representation to states: Attempts have been made to duly represent states where BJP plans to grow in future. For e.g. TamilNadu’s BJP head has been given representation in the cabinet as BJP is targeting Telangana and Tamil Nadu as it’s next targets in South India.
  6. Reshuffling ministries: Bringing in new people brings new ideas, so all leaders in corporate world always keep bringing in few people from outside. By reshuffling ministries, Modiji has ensured that.
  7. Representation to women, Dalits, OBCs: We now find many women, Dalit ministers. There are minsters from tribal communities as well. This clearly shows Modiji’s vision of building a representative team where people from all spheres participate in nation’s development.

What Congress should learn?

  1. If Sonia, Pappu and Pinki are not performing why are you not booting them out? Why is Sonia still the President? I am sure you have millions of people more capable than Sonia.
  2. Why don’t you reward talent? Your victory in Rajasthan was due to Rajesh Pilot. Just because he is more capable than Pappu and Pinki, you have tried to bring him down in the worst possible manner. Similarly, how you treated PV Narsimha Rao, he was billion times capable than Sonia to lead the Congress.
  3. Why is Sonia the lead for 23 years? You need new leaders to bring in new ideas and change. Change is the unchangeable law of nature. If you cannot change, you will vanish.

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