Jesus was a Jew, so why haven’t we delved in to what the Jewish sacred texts spoke of their fellow Jew, Jesus Christ?

The Jews have been under constant attack since thousands of years.

Today we will start off with ‘The Disputation of Paris’, 1240 AD also known as ‘Trial of the Talmud’

The first Christian censorship of the Talmud was done in 521 CE.

The Talmud, consisting of Mishnah (oral traditions) and Gemara (analysis of Mishnah), is a sacred text of the Jews. It is the written version of the Oral Torah (Laws) that existed even before Moses, and was passed down orally in an unbroken chain from generation to generation of Rabbis through hundreds of years.

Jews have had their holiest Temples looted and destroyed since thousands of years by the neo-Babylonians and the Romans alongwith being falsely accused of ‘blood libel’ and killing Christian children in their holy ‘Temples’ in order to mob lynch, hound, torture, murder or exile them since they were not converting.

Nicholas Donin, a Jew who converted to Christianity (Franciscan order), living in a ghetto in Paris began openly abusing, creating nuisance and spreading canards about the Talmud and Judaism. He was excommunicated from there by Rabbi Yechiel of Paris, he then went onto more sinister business where his accusations led to killing of around 3000 Jews. He then devised a new technique to engage in debate with the Jewish Rabbis and scholars to attack the very fountain of Judaism, the Talmud. His charges were that the Talmud was blasphemous and spoke very degradingly of Jesus and Mary. He leveled more than 30 charges and even challenged the legitimacy of the Talmud.

Let’s delve into those charges as it is imperative to know all sides of the story.

1. Jesus was the illegitimate son born out of an affair between a Roman soldier Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera and Mary (Is this why Jesus was sympathetic towards the prostitute Mary Magdalene?).

2. Mary was considered an adulteress (Is this why Jesus saved an adulteress from being stoned by the public as mentioned in the Bible?)

3. Jesus the sorcerer (bringing fish and bread out of baskets to feed people,etc.?) who had five disciples.

4. A roman convert to Judaism summons the tormented spirit of Jesus who wanted to harm Israel. The spirit tells him that as punishment in the afterlife he is boiling in excrement.

5. Jesus a ludicrous student of a Jewish Rabbi, who would look at women and was excommunicated by the Rabbi and to take revenge he began bad mouthing Judaism and was always on the lookout to spite the Rabbis.

And so on and so forth. Christian apologists state that these years do not match with Jesus life time, well there are a lot of discrepancies between modern dating and the Jewish dating.

So the Pope Gregory IX who was already in the know of all such activities of the Christians, jumped at the opportunity and dispatched to all the Churches around the world to seize all copies of the Talmud and deposit them with the Dominicans and Franciscans and burned.

In France, the Jews were threatened with death to surrender their Talmuds. King Louis IX of France, a fanatic Christian, called four distinguished Rabbis including Rabbi Yechiel of Paris to present their case. No matter what the Rabbis said, the decision was ultimately to burn all the available manuscripts of the Talmud. Some ancient manuscripts along with 12000 manuscripts were burnt in 1242.

Louis IX stated that only skilled clerics could conduct a disputation with Jews, but that laymen should plunge a sword into those who speak ill of the Christ. Louis IX was later canonised as a Saint by the Vatican for this wonderful display of Christian fanaticism.

There were three such Disputations or so called Debates between Jews and Christians with similar results. Do read The Disputation of Barcelona in 1263 & The Disputation of Tortosa in 1413 along with the one of the bloodiest pogrom of Jews by the Muslims,The Shiraz Blood Libel in Iran in 1910.

So the Jews were coerced and tortured and killed to get rid of these references to Jesus & Mary in the Talmud.

So, why this censorship and fear of what is written in the Talmud? The Bible goes about presenting the Jews and Rabbis as the worst of humans and deserve to be killed but why the Talmud cannot have its own version?

We people of Bharat need to understand this soon,that these same activities of missionaries as was done by Nicholas Donin is being done here. Don’t we see the same pattern? Accusing Sanatanis/Hindus of offering sacrifices of children and blood in Kali temples, raping girls in mandirs (Asifa case), rabid Anti-Brahminism, etc. ?

Simply excommunicating these rabid missionaries, ignoring them or engaging in debate with them will be extremely detrimental to us.

History is repeating itself all over the World. How many disputations of Paris do we need to see before doing what we need to do immediately, which is to put a complete ban on conversions and missionary activities using an iron hand.

I will be writing more such exposes on Christianity. Stay tuned.

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