Prime Minister Modi Adds One more Feather to his cap as a World Leader: Awarded the Prestigious “Legion of Merit” Award by President Donald Trump

The All India Radio today reported that the prestigious Legion of Merit has been awarded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the US President Donald Trump for his leadership in elevating strategic partnership between the two countries and emergence of India as a global power. India’s Ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, accepted the award on behalf of the Prime Minister from the US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien at the White House.
Notably, the Legion of Merit award is the highest degree award presented only to Head of State or Government. This award was presented in recognition of his committed leadership and vision that has stimulated India’s emergence as a global power and elevated the strategic partnership between the United States and India to address global challenges.

The Legion of Merit was also presented to the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The awards were received by their respective ambassadors in Washington DC.

Prime Minister Modi has been regularly receiving prestigious awards world over in recognition of his capabilities and leadership in placing India as an emerging world power as also for his initiatives for a global co-operation for a cleaner environment and sustainable development. He has till now received more than nine highly coveted and prestigious awards from all the major world powers including many Islamic nations.

He has received the Bahrain Order First Class award by King of Bahrain, the Order of Zayad award by the United Arab Emirates which is the highest civilian award, the Amir Abdullah Khan Award of Afghanistan which is the highest civilian award in Afghanistan and the King Abdullah Sash award of Saudi Arabia named after the founder of the modern state of Afghanistan.

Apart from this he has received the prestigious Philip Kotler Presidential award named after Prof Philip Kotler a world-renowned professor of marketing at the North-Western University, Kellogg School of Management for his astounding leadership for taking initiatives for transforming India into a hub for production and technology by his Make in India initiatives and Swachh Bharat. He also received the prestigious Seoul Peace Price for his contributions to Indian and global economies. He received the most prestigious award from the United Nations, The United Nations Champions of Earth award which is the highest environmental award for his promotion of global partnership to scale up solar energy and for championing International Solar Alliance.

Despite being recognised by world leaders of repute as very talented and steadfast leader Mr Modi has always been a figure to hate and despise by the worldwide network of leftists who dominate powerful media networks and academic centres. They hate his guts, tenacity and talent to prove to the world that grassroot Indians can become world leaders in comparison to the hypocrisy of the leftists and liberals who have always been slavish to the established anglicized elites. Mr Modi should not bother for these leftist gangsters and intellectual terrorists and carry on his good work by not changing his ways by being very rooted in his Sanatani civilizational values as the leftists world over have become irrelevant and spent force.   

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