According to a report made by the central agencies, the R&AW and the Intelligence Bureau, the Khalistani terror outfit, Khalistani Commando Force (KCF) have conspired to attempt an assassination of a farmers’ leader protesting at Delhi borders as reported by the TimesNow. As per the report the conspirators are from Belgium and United Kingdom.

Reportedly, they plan to settle score with the leader who was “alleged to have involvement in eliminating KCF leaders from Punjab in the past”

The KCF is a terrorist organisation which was involved in several assassinations in the past. The outfit’s members are based in various countries like Canada, UK, Belgium and Pakistan.

A senior government member has reportedly stated that they have learnt reliably that three KCF militants who are from Belgium and UK have planned an assassination of a farmer protesting at Delhi border.

According to the reports, the agencies stated that the KCF has perceived, “the killing of the leader at this juncture could lead to increase in violence in India and onus of the killing will be on government agencies or workers of a political party.”

The Khalistanis have been funding and fanning the farmers’ protests. The Khalistanis have also been using the farmers’ protests as a tool to gain ground.

The TimesNow report also states that more than 400 Twitter handles run from Pakistan which have been actively inciting and instigating are identified by the Indian agencies.

Notably, when the Khalistanis gave a violent turn to the protests on Republic Day in Delhi and laid siege to the Red Fort, Khalistani members protested outside the Indian embassy in Washington DC. The Khalistani members were raising their flags and secessionist slogans while claiming to be protesting in solidarity with the farmers’ protesting in Delhi.

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