Desperate times call for desperate measures. You know those days when you enter your kitchen to cook and realise that there’s hardly any rice left. You check out the daal dabbi and realise that there’s hardly any daal left. You open the fridge and check the vegetable tray & to your annoyance realise that there’s very little of 2 or 3 sabzis left. Then you hear your stomach rumble angrily. So in desperation, because you have this great hunger to be satiated, you put all the leftover rice, daal and subzi together in the cooker and wait for it to cook. In the meantime you fool yourself into believing that a great, tasty khichdi is being prepared and call up your sibling and tell her too how health conscious you have become and hence are preparing a khichdi. If your sister believes you it’s ok and even if she doesn’t, how does it matter? Your khichdi is prepared na…

Now, imagine Leftists/Tukde-tukde gang/Islamists (take your pick), in the place of yourself, in the above passage. Imagine Sardar ‘farmers’ as Rice; imagine ghastly singers & dancers (the “Modi mar ja” & “Dekhenge, dekhenge” types) as Daal; imagine Wistron & other Foreign company labour union workers as Sabzi. Importantly, imagine China as your stomach (the angry rumble). Imagine Bharat, that is India, as the cooker. And yes, imagine the TV News channels and its viewers as your sibling. What a fantastic meal na? Your khichdi is Ready & whether it is tasty or not, you will swallow it because of something called HUNGER. It is a different matter that here the Hunger could be anything ranging from plain Money to Violent Activism to Communist friendship to spreading non-Hindu Religions to Hate for Bharat & its democracy.

But here comes the twist – After the khichdi’s put it on the plate, the diner is not able to eat it hot … why? Because he’s prevented from eating it hot by someone who’s taking away the plate everytime he wants to dig in. That person is waiting for the khichdi to cool down and make it tasteless and expose it for what it is – a leftover (of the Congress & Naxal Raj). Such a Fascist!

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