Six months back we got the shocking news of ‘just another suicide’ – and that was of Sushant Singh Rajput. It was already confirmed by the ‘gang’ that it was suicide by hanging & they were in a hurry to wrap it up. The gang’s anger & frustration grew on netizens as they wanted us to accept their suicide theory, as we did in the past for Jiah Khan and a number of so-called suicides or mysterious deaths of the past. Not any more!!

Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput means justice for almost all the innocent lives taken by this druggie, child trafficking, casting couches, urban naxalis, jihadi/khalistani Dawood bootlicking Bollywood! More power to CBI, ED, NIA, NCB so that they continue their job in destroying this gutterwood which has powerful political nexus!!

No Entertainment until Justice is Served!!

#Oath4SSR : We take an oath to not get entertained by Bollywood, IPL or any-wood until the BullyDawood filth is cleaned up. Firstly knowingly or unknowingly since last six months we haven’t felt a need for watching any movie or IPL. Can’t think of anything in between daily work we do for living – this is the only thought that comes and disturbs us continuously!!

Chilling killings within couple of weeks only

1] Manmeet Grewal [May -15]
2] Sachin Kumar [May – 15 ]
3] Preksha Mehta [May -26]
4] Krish kapur [May -31]
5] Disha Salian [June -8]
6] Agnes Lisa Smith [June-11]
7] Sushant Singh Rajput [June -13]
8] Anandi Dhawan ? No clue [June -13]
9] Maya, a Nepali Minor girl [June -13]
10] Sameer Bangra [June – 14]
11] Steve Pinto [July -15]
12] Anupama Pathak [August-2]
13] Sameer Sharma [August -5]
14] Rohan rai..?? no clue
15] Akshat Utkarsh [Sept. 27]
16,17,18] 2 caretaker/guard & 1 Gym trainer – No Clue

19] Vishal Thakkar (teenage lover boy in Munnabhai MBBS) missing since 2015

… all of who wanted to live but were heinously & brutally murdered by gigantic diabolical conspirators

… and the list continues to grow as more and more ‘outsiders’ (i.e. Bollywood newbies not aligning with them) also lost their lives suspiciously:
1]Asif Basra (12 Nov 2020, worked in “Kai Po che” roared against butcherwood)
2] Irfan khan (29 April 2020 , he never ever mentioned in his “open Letter” that he was suffering from “cancer” ,he roared against terrorism, men-animal conflicts, hypocrisy of maulvies & illiteracy..)
3] Sejal sharma ( 25 January 2020)
4] Kushal Punjabi (26 Dec 2019)
5] Sridevi (24 Feb 2018 – the one and only death ever by in bathtub with no external)
6] Pratyusha Banerjee (01 April 2016)
7] Sikha Joshi (16 May 2015)
8] Archana Pande (29 Sept 2014)
9] Sunanda Pushkar ( 17 Jan 2014)
10] Jia Khan (03 June 2013)

Excerpt from an article by Varsha Bhosle, 1999 on Rediff!

11] Varsha Bhosle (08 Oct 2012)
How many of knew that Varsha Bhosle, daughter of yesteryear’s legendary playback singer Asha Bhosle, was a fiery writer during late 1990s on Rediff when internet was at a nascent stage! She spared none of the anti-Hindu hypocrites those days when talking for pro-Hindu or use of word Jihadi were unheard of. Read this tribute and the list of articles.
12] Shree Rajiv Dixit (30 Nov 2010)
Apart from promoting Ayurveda, Indic civilization, Rajivji was hardcore nationalist who exposed the Congress right from Nehru till date – videos in public domain. He was killed brutally under ‘mysterious’ circumstances, no evidence, no inquiry, & theory floated that Baba Ramdev did it.
13] Monica Chaudhary Dutt (30 may 2009)
14] Kunal Singh (7 Feb 2008 – Bollywood newbie of ‘Ae Nazni Sunona’ song fame)
15] Gitanjali (22 April 2006)
16] Kuljeet Randhawa (08 Feb 2006)
17] Praveen Baabi (20 Jan 2005)
18] Nafeesha Joseph (29 July 2004 – Miss Universe 1997, was Bollywood newbie)
19] Reem Kapadia (2000)
20] Priya Rajvansh ( 27 March 2000)
21] Siddharth Bedi (19 July 1999)
22] Gulshan Kumar (12 Aug 1997 – killed in day-light by supari contractors directed by Nadeem of music duo Nadeem-Shravan fame. Nadeem is enjoying in UK.)
23] Mukul Anand (7 Sept 1997)
24] Urmila Bhatt (22 Feb 1997)
25] Silk Smitha or Vijaya Laxmi (23 Sept 1996)
26] Vijay Saxena [24 June 1994 , due to ditto resemblance of naughty amitabh bachchan]

27] Manmohan Desai (1 March 1994)

The genius who created classic family entertainers like Amar Akbar Anthony, Naseeb that took Big B to much greater heights. Note that those days Dawood was already established extortionist and any rejection of ‘hafta’ would lead to ‘suicide’ or mysterious killings. Surely the insiders knew this and started aligning with the BHAI of Bollywood – what a SHAME!!
28] Divya Bharti (05 April 1993)
29] Mukesh Agarwal (1991: Rekha’s 2nd husband)
30] Sanjeev Kumar (06 Nov 1985)
31] Guru Dutt (10 Oct 1964)
Iconic film-maker, director, producer, script-writer, actor who created classic cult movies like Pyasaa and Kagaz Ke Phool

(All were declared suicide & broadcast/published by pawn PRs within Minutes on same day ‚Ķ.wow‚Ķ.what a rubbish.. unbelievable job by “Thuggery Gang” )

So-called Cause of All ” Unpunished Assassinations” : by hanging from ceiling fan / jumping/ Financial Crunch/ Depression /Poison in meal/ brain hemorrhage /Road Accident/Drug overdose‚Ķ.( Not a single Dawood-boot-licker committed suicide so far ,even they sale depression theories‚Ķ.why ??‚Ķ )
Note : GutterDawood is also active in Chennai & Hyderabad ( hub of Unpunished Assassinations of South/Tamil/Malayalam celeb.)

Coward & greedy Dawood-kids know very well that IF SSR/Disha case solves then rest cases will automatically be opened & Hub of anti-nationalists would be demolished Automatically

Common people/outsiders establish CCTVs for their own safety purposes but CCTVs are destroyed/Stolen by “greedy & corrupt chameleon type politician-ShitNepo-Police-criminal nexus” for hiding the real crime/Cause by Erasing concrete evidences/eyewitnesses‚Ķbut unique CCTV of God Captures everything‚Ķ

Our Action Plans & Results

{“IF” We boycott (Gigantic hub of urban-naxals , Chameleons ,black money ,Terrorists, Feudalism, peddlers, Traffickers, dupes Anti-nationaliists, Rubber stamps & anti-social anti-national elements/ Activities) Butcherwood- IPL-Cricket & related brands, Pig boss,KBC, The puppet sharma show(no guts to mimic or mock or ridicule about druggies/dawood gang/terrorists/discriminatory minds etc.), Kachron ke Khiladi(where in the name of stunting they exploit endangered species which are already on the brink of extinction), Spitvilla, all upcoming movies, scripted reality shows, Blasphemous Web series & it’s subscriptions(Amazon prime,ullu, Netflix), T-Series, fake/double standard media platforms(including mainstream media platforms & double faced/biased youtubers ) & Newspapers, corrupt politicians & personnel,Sadist, Apostates , all atheistic & discriminatory minds ,the vultures who are consistently trying to dilapidate our Cultural diversity , notorious & fake professionals ,pet paparaji, cheap rascals in society‚Ķetc

“Then” We are “AUTOMATICALLY CURBING” anti-national & anti-social elements/activities ‚Ķ”FOR EXAMPLE”..
Terrorism, Hooliganism, Barbarism, Gangdom , Sadism,Monopoly ,dictatorship & arbitrariness, illegal border intrusion,pk.-chna-tukey-tliban-dubai-ISIS-militants links ,Crime & criminal Activities, anti-interpol crimes & connectios, beggary/mendicant by children,
Illegitimate adoption & surrogacy for child/organ trafficking , wild life trafficking/poaching by Maoists/Naksalvadies , fake skin grafting/plastic surgery using trafficking kids’skin,
dupery/hoax/fraudulent activities, Fake NGOs, inappropriate moral ethics,
Educational promotion by dumb & anti-human shit-stars,Drug Mafias & drug cartel/drug peddlers ,
prstituton/sx rackets,Casting couch culture, vulgarity in the name of being open-minded thru prnwod in society, nudness, fake glamour / Complexion,(by which children & young minds are chronologically & continuously diverting towards the hell)
Druggy-Power-House of energies, Pdophile activities, woman objctification, mysterious deaths/exploitation of young talented minds ,talent ceasing,honey trapping,waste of time & money,
shallowness/hollowness/loneliness/brainwashing & conversion by showy pompousness ,
terror & hawala funding,money laundering,tax evasive activities ,intellectual property rights IPR theft based Dubbed & remake movies , men-animal conflicts,
communal riots /Ruckus/pandemonium by tukde tukde & naughty gang in Delhi,J&K,UP, parliament, JNU & almost everywhere using anti-national slogans ( based on “Divide & Rule Policy & Dynasty-First-Police” by manipulating/brainwashing/suppressing the poor & illiterate/uneducated/unemployed/underprivileged sections ,instigating as if daylight nightmare or by false privilege/lucrative promises/Hate speeches/discrimination by distributing fistful penny & liquor for vote bank..)
various border(LAC,LOC) related issues India Vs Pak/China (By which many jawans are martyred by Proxy War/Militants for the sake of our safety & security as well as nation’s security) ,
acutely illegal & lethal activities via dark-web (betting, gambling,live killing , Hacking ..etc) , Mob-lynching of Saadhus/ theistic monks& nuns, attacks on religious places,
Blind/paid articles by pawn PRs ,Polygamous thinking /Relations, wife-husband or gf-bf swapping , rumours about religious,Moral & indian culture/norms/sentiments, blasphemous language/behaviour, deliberate assassinations of outsiders by illogical &alleged depression theories & me too drives run by selective Pawn PRs/media/newspapers/magazins/ads , and also “India h yaha sab chlta h wala attitude”‚Ķ‚Ķ.etc” }
” Market & Internet ” are the only place where these urban-naxals always try to access beware of dupes

“Trust, honesty, humanity,patriotism, Duty,loyalty, Social & Moral etiquettes & responsibility” all are the very very expensive gifts so never expect any of them from these urban-naxals‚Ķ..
we have to save our Defence forces, children & young minds for making a “” Revolutionary New India” ‚Ķ.

Sushant Singh Rajput – Guru Nanak Jayanti, 2019

Our Nation Our Tricolour is our Caste Our Religion…Nobody Can suppress, manipulate,divert ,divide our indomitable spirit towards Justice & our prerogatives

Our Nation is at ultra High Risk‚Ķ.We are SSR WARRIORS ,born in the “ERA OF LEGEND SSR SIR” ‚Ķwe should Know our “veto power” by which We can destroy the criminal ,corrupt ,rotten, double faced & discriminatory minds/platforms because enemies are insiders(vicious poisonous snakes are the biggest power of pak./China)who are (directly or indirectly) dilapidating & shallowing our nation continuously since decades in collaboration with pak-khalistanis-china-isis-militants (always Love to “My way or no way” policy & “Schadenfreude policy” thru terrorism,proxy way, Barbarism,sadism, apostasy, discrimination, fake protests & hate speeches using brainwashing way) ‚Ķ..So Always be cautious & stay united till last breath to win over all “urban naxals-made Evils/Sufferings” by boycotting Reel life & accepting Real life,saving time & money, Educating Children , spreading awareness , Adopting Indigenous, Serving the humanity & our motherland (Sone ki chidiya/pyara Hindustan/Veero ka desh).

Criminals/butcherwoodians are brazenly doing their best to hide the truth & now we have to do our bestest amongst the best to reveal the truth bravely, patiently, unitedly & unanimously… all dirt is coming out gradually in front of public eyes.. SSR sir also wanted to do the same…only we are the sole path for his justice(Including TeamSSR) ..

Join Twitter & On Ground Campaigns

Come on twitter & keep trending any hash tag of the day having SSR in it a zillion times!!! Also keep exposing anti-nationals as well!! If required join the Team on ground for raising voice for justice!!

Also please boycott everything/everyone/any Wood which/who is the part of this crime we’ll definitely win over all Urban-Naxals-Made evils/sufferings‚Ķ..

Bharat Mata ki Jai … Har Har Mahadev!!

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