Some people have observed this strategy of Muslims. But this needs to be known by every Non-Muslim.

When they are in Minority, they preach for Equality and Secularism but when they gain a significant rise in their Population, they demand for the application of Sharia Law.

This is a well established strategy of them and it is given cover fire by Communists and Human Rights Activists.

During Anti-CAA riots in Delhi, a video surfaced on social media, in which a Muslim Girl can be heard saying that we are 40 Crores (400Million) in number, how many people you will kill. She also said that “When we (Muslims) will outnumber them(Hindus) then we will kill them (Patak-Patak ke Marenge).

AIMIM Leader Waris Pathan had said in a rally that, we Muslims are 15Crore but we will defeat 100Crore Hindus.

One more video surfaced, in Which a Maulana can be heard saying that We(Muslims) are more than 30Crores. Allah has given us the path of Jihaad to fulfill our demands.

This strategy of killing Non-Muslims when outnumber them isn’t new.
This has been the strategy since ages.

When they become Majority, they give two options to Non-Muslims – “Convert to Islam or Die”.

This is the Game. Not many people see this but this is their plan.
Increase Population and kill Non-Muslims. The Greatest example of this Kashmir Valley, where they threw out around 5Lakh Hindus and there was a pin drop silence in political discourse.

Let’s see its example in History

When Islamic Scholars asked Iltutmish that why are you not giving Hindus the option of ‘Islam or Death’?
His Wazir replied that –

Since we are very less in number, we can’t do that. Hindus will unite and suppress us. After a few years when the population of Muslims will be larger, we will give them the option of ‘Islam or Death’.

“Some Aspects Of Religion And Politics In India During The 13th Century”
by Khaliq Ahmad Nizami.
Page 315-16

Since the Time of Iltutmish, the strategy has been the same.

Recently Mewat(Haryana) has become an Islamic State. Muslims are majority there and Hindus are not allowed to live there. A retired Judge ‘Pawan Kumar’ reported that there are Aurangzeb like Atrocities are being done on Dalits in Mewat.

West Bengal has seen a significant rise in Muslim Population after Illegal Immigration.
There is a village in WB where Sharia Law is applied. It’s in Murshidabad district.

This is very dangerous and alarming situation. They have got a full proof strategy to outnumber and conquer the Non-Muslim Land.

Different Time, Different Places but Same Strategy – Jihaad.

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