The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a terrorist organisation that included Indian Tamils and sought a separate territory for the Tamils of Sri Lanka, referred to themselves as the “only representative of the Tamil people.” But, the ultimate goal of this entire game plan, which was carried out in Sri Lanka to create a distinct home for Tamils, was to balkanize Indian Tamils and divide the important state of Tamil Nadu from India while promoting terrorism.

Many world countries have a shared purpose of causing India to separate and fall apart, and it will be interesting to see what means they employ to carry it out.



Abrahamic religion is constantly used for its insatiable desire to spread its abhorrent doctrine over the entire planet. The Vatican funded NGOs that serve as assistance to mankind and became the harbinger of Christian beliefs in the interiors, and this is how the Church itself sowed the seeds of Tamil separatism. The majority of LTTE officials used to conceal their Christian faith, and as a result, it was a little-known fact that never made headlines in the major press.

The International Council of Churches’ promotion of the traditional homeland idea in 1994 at the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Committee) in Geneva serves as evidence for this.


NCCSL helped promote narratives such as “Tamil Homeland,” “ethnic conflict,” “Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinism,” and “genocide of Tamils” by never referring to the LTTE as a terrorist organisation. The Church made an effort to promote “self-determination” as the notion of establishing a new nation state that is supported by the Church. They attempted to intensify the racial tension between Tamils and Buddhist Sinhalese.


The Catholic Archbishop of Jaffna asked all Tamil parties to stop opposing the LTTE and acknowledge it as the only organisation standing in for the Tamil people during the 1999 presidential elections. The Archbishop of Jaffna supported the alleged freedom movement and reaffirmed the position in a piece published in Asia Week on November 21, 1997.


The Asian Catholic Bishops Conference, based in the Philippines, runs Radio Veritas, a Catholic radio station, and the LTTE Voice of Tigers collaborated with it. The Tamil Service of the Radio Veritas is managed by the Tamil Catholics of Tamil Nadu. Voice of Tigers established a “coordinating office” within St. Sebastian’s Church in Mallavi, Wanni, which was inaugurated by Fr. Rayappu Joseph, the pro-LTTE Bishop of Mannar.



Along with Prabhakaran and the LTTE, Catholic priest Fr. Paththinathan abducted children and used them as child soldiers.


Prabhakaran and the LTTE’s top leader assassinated all of the moderate Tamil Hindu thinkers, leaders, politicians, and academics during the terror era. In Sri Lanka, a significant breach developed between Buddhists and Hindus. Many acts of genocide and murder have been committed in an effort to terrify the poor Tamil Hindus.


The LTTE used a novel strategy to increase their power: they adopted a secular persona while using Christian and Hindu religious symbols to present a front for their separatist goals. Although they never promoted organized religious activities, the LTTE’s martial culture took the shape of a quasi-religious propaganda in which they employed a personal crucifix or a holy image inside military camps. To demonstrate the significance of the martyrdom for the sake of creating a Tamil republic, they liberally employed Christian and Hindu themes and ritual terminology.


The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and the previous Chief Minister openly backed the separate Tamil nation while this terror group was actively operating in Sri Lanka. The LTTE received support from the entire Tamil Church clergy.


With the widespread Christian evangelists converting Hindus in the state, it is apparent that they are targeting India and particularly Tamil Nadu for their separatist purpose. Church groups support and fund NGOs, hospitals, media outlets, schools, and other institutions that make optimistic future predictions and try to convert non-Christians to Christianity. The anti-conversion law that Jayalalitha herself had enacted had to be repealed in 2004 as a result of church pressure.


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